I sometimes wonder why I even bother to keep living in a world where I'm feared. I've been feared ever since I was a kid and people still fear me today.

I'm a disgrace to heroes. Always and forever will be that title. Life makes no sense to me. It makes no sense why would anyone take my parents away from me. It makes no sense how I have this demon over my shoulder. It doesn't make sense why so many people can bear my actions and still call me friend.

Then, it hit me.

I've been taking my life for granted. Sure, I have this corrupted soul and innocents who still fear me, but I the heart and soul of a young hero that many others have. You can be from an angelfox, an arctic wolf, and even a demon and you can still fight for the right cause.

Now I realize who I truly am... I am Zion Bannonwave, the very thing you see now, not Grail!
— Zion "Grail" Bannonwave

Zion Malik Bannonwave, or more preferrably, Grail (Japanese (ZMB) - シオンマリクBannonwave Shionmariku Bannonwave/ Japanese (Grail) - 聖杯 Seihai) is an anthropomorphic, blue, Mobian fox that aspires to be a hero.


~:Physical Appearance:~Edit

Grail is 3'4", weighing in at 93 lbs. (43 kg). He's a sky blue Mobian fox with long, hair that drapes over one eye. He has emerald green eyes and cut off tufts. He also has a strange symbol on his left hand from wearing an gauntlet for so long.


Zion has a trademark blue beanie with a yin-yang symbol, a rolled-up sleeves grey jacket with its zipper down, black jeans, and black and grey sneakers. He has broken off chains and cuffs from a ball and chain on each arm as well.

~:KH Alternate Costume:~Edit

Zion has a black beanie that says "Grail" in bright blue letters, a blue t-shirt with two Keyblades intersecting on the back, navy blue jeans, and blue and black sneakers. His chains and cuffs are replaced by fingerless gloves that are stylized after Sora's from the first Kingdom Hearts game. This outfit very much shows his love for the Kingdom Hearts series.


Zion acts blunt and harsh most of the time. He acts relentless against people he doesn't approve of, and he acts arrogant towards people who are weaker than him. He isn't afraid to tell the whole truth at times as he won't most likely care what happens to him. He much prefers to be alone sometimes due to being a loner most of his teenage life.

But under all that negativity, Zion's a respectable, friendly guy that is a realiable guy to have around. He's not afraid to crack a couple of jokes and talk about certain things with people he's comfortable with.



Early LifeEdit

Zion Bannonwave was born on April eleventh to Ivy and Cyrus Bannonwave in central Aeledge, a really corrupt country, infested with criminals, crooked cops, and more. Cyrus, his father, was an underpaid architect and rarely had enough time to be with his son. Zion only had Ivy with him most of the time.

Angel/Devil PowersEdit

Zion was a purgatorial fox, as he describes himself now. He was born with both angel and devil blood due to his mother and father's bloodlines respectively. Grail's mom was half angel and his dad half devil. Some features from them stood out, like his dad's somewhat long fang and his mother's icy blue eyes.

Parents' DeathEdit

Four years later, Cyrus was hired to create a new wing for the St. Gaia Orphanage for more than he was paid for. After two months, he found a secret entrance behind the children's book section, and discovered that St. Gaia's Orphanage was a cover-up for Project:Curse, a secret project for hunting down Mobians with special powers, and capturing them so that way they can study them.

Cyrus knew too much already, so he decided to quit the job and ignore what he saw. But it started to bother him, and he was going to tell the officials of the orphanage's acts of crime, until he was shot in the back with an unknown sniper shot from a unknown source. Three days after his murder, Ivy was brutally murdered for nearly telling the officials of what happened to her husband. Zion was now taken away to the St. Gaia's Orphanage, where he learned the truth about everything and tested on due to his blood.

Escape from Project:Curse/Realization of PowersEdit

Zion, or rather Experiment #82-93-7, became a very powerful 'weapon' at the age of seven. The owners of the organization planned to exploit Zion and use his purgatorial blood and inject it to patients just as strong and agile as Zion, make an army, and take over Aeledge, then the United Federation, and probably the rest of Mobius as a whole.

But the plan failed.

Zion turned into some messed up hybrid of the angel and devil within. He lost control of himself and managed to destroy the building and the orphanage. He ran off, hoping that no one knew of how many innocent people he's killed. He considered himself a monster and isolated himself from everyone he knows and ever will know. This is one of the things prompted Zion to leave the country of Aeledge.

Travel to the United FederationEdit

As Zion aimlessly travelled towards the UF, he was sulking and he constantly thought about all that Project:Curse is the main reason his life has went to utter hell. Some people were kind enough to lend him supplies and offered he stayed with him, but he always reponseded with: "You wouldn't want to help a horrid monster monster like me, but thanks for the offer, ma'am/sir." He continued moving closer and closer to the UF, when he was thirteen, he reached his eventual new home, Central City.

Arrival to Central City/Facing the Black Swan GangEdit

Zion ends up in the capital of the United Federation, Central City. He realized that the city was a lot more advanced than Aeledge in the technology department, and decided to distance himself from anyone he saw and met. He decided to reside on the rooftops, where most people would never expect an thirteen-year-old to be at. He soon realized that Central City had just as much, maybe even more, crime and theft then Aeledge. He decided that he wanted to get involved with stopping the many crimes happening in the city and soon taught himself basic hand-to-hand combat and decided he was somewhat ready.

He encountered his first gang, a couple of eighteen to nineteen-year-old thieves named the Black Swan Gang, a really notorious gang for stealing gems for an unknown source. Zion was regularly jumped by this gang, and beaten senselessly. He soon got fed up with this gang, eventually gave up on stopping crime and went back to his usual brooding. He then saw a young Arctic wolf being harrassed by the same gang he despised. The young wolf started getting pummeled badly. Zion then chose to defend the wolf, shielding most of the blows himself rather than fight them. After five minutes of protecting, they finally let up and went away, calling Zion a "punching bag". Zion, then weakened, decided to limp back to his territory without even having saying goodbye or telling her anything. That was the beginning of Zion turning into Grail.

Becoming GrailEdit

Zion recovered from the beating several weeks later, with a small limp. He was nearly jumped by the gang once again, but he was saved by three random degenerates; a silent umbrakinetic, a beautiful pyrokinetic, and their leader, the electrokinetic. He was then invited into their small group by the leader, commending his bravery, but Zion denied the offer, saying that he would be of no use to the gang. The leader bargained, saying that they could train Zion in hand-to-hand combat and he could be provided food and shelter. Zion relunctantly agreed so that way he could get on with his life.

He was invited to their shared crappy apartment, and was taught three different types of martial arts his the three 'teachers' : Capoeira from the fire user, aikido from the darkness manipulator, and the use of melee weapons from the electrokinetic. After one year of studying the three styles constantly, he got finally decided he needed to deal with the Black Swan Gang once and for all. He left the group, saying that he would come back someday, as a better person. He confronted the gang, taller and more skilled. Zion barely won against the gang's street fighting and knives. He decided that becoming a vigilante is a way to pay for killing those innocent people. He soon created a new nickname for himself: Grail, the Prospect Vigilante.


Chaos Vegenace (CrimsonFlame2K's Universe)Edit

(Coming soon...)

Breaking ChainsEdit

(Coming soon....)


Zion is now a lot stronger than he has ever been in his lifetime. He's successfully defeated Phantom (with some help), he defeated his demonic grandfather Azazel, and he survived a horrid plethora of things. He now is happily taken to a beautiful raccoon, and he's back to the way he was when he began, and he isn't planning on going back to being one or the other.

Grail has decided on making drawing and entertainment as his career via the Internet. He makes videos for everybody to see within a PG-13 rating.

Zion has also started to take training a lot more seriously now, as he trains for three hours everyday, especially Aikido and Capoeira.

All in all, Zion has had some rough times, but he got out of his hell, and came back a new guy. And he's never gonna come back.... or is he?


"The best thing about the future is that it happens one day at a time."
—Abraham Lincoln, the 16th U.S President

Zion's future is uncertain. He probably won't know what will happen or what won't happen. But that's the fun for him and other people. Curiousity sometimes doesn't kill the cat.


Fan GamesEdit

  • None yet.


  • Grail and Luce RP


  • Snowed In
  • A Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Breaking Chains
  • Cafe's Cafe

Fan FictionEdit

  • Chaos Vengeance


  • Veteran's Challenge
  • Bloodied Hands Arena


~:Weapon Proficiency:~Edit

Zion can pick up any weapon and instantly learn how to use it. Even things that are out of Zion's knowledge, he still uses it like he used the thousands of times.

~:Enhanced Level Supernatural Condition:~Edit

Zion goes beyond Mobian expectations due to his blood, and he's impressive enough to do any actual damage to mythical creatures.


~:Accelerated Perception:~Edit

Grail's brain can process info so quickly that everything seems to have slowed down intensely, allowing him to move faster than the eye can see. The only downside is that this only last 30 seconds and it takes some time before Zion can do it again.

~:Electrical Immunity:~Edit

Zion is completely immune to regular, light, or dark electricity due to his both sides of his blood controlling electricity.

~:4th Wall Awarness:~Edit

(This is a power in all forms.)

Zion might or might not have awareness that a user of SFW is controlling him and that they're many people watching his actions and laughing at him, but he shrugs it off and ignores it.


~:Ascended Form:~Edit

"Get ready." - Grail as he enters the form.

  • Apperance: Moderately the same, except for his eyeball being a lighter shade of green and the shiny gold aura that surrounds him.
  • Statistics: Strength, Speed, and Stanima are increased by +1.

~:Angel Form:~Edit

"You'd best un(....) yourself now." - Holy Zion (HAH! NO HOLY GRAIL.)

  • Appearance: His fur becomes white and his eyes turn cobalt blue. He can have crystalline wings (he usually carries a small diamond for him to absorb), and a golden glowing halo. His cuffs-and-chains change into his Holy Gauntlets.
  • Statistics: All physical attributes are increased by +2.
  • Weapons: An unbreakable cold iron blade called Seraphiel's Rising.
  • Powers: Light Lightning Manipulation, Elemental Healing, etc.
  • Weakness: Darkness related powers, demonic steel

~:Devil Form:~Edit

"You will certainly die today...." - Hellish Zion

  • Appearance: His fur changes into a steel blue hue and his eyes go gray. He has steel wings, and black horns and his fangs grow a little. His tail becomes more slim and has a point to it.
  • Statistics: All physical attributes are increased by +2, intelligence goes down by -2.
  • Weapons: A blade made of several souls of horrible people on Mobius and hellfire called Azazel's Puppet.
  • Powers: Dark Lightning Manipulation, Hell-Fire Manipulation, etc.
  • Weakness: Cold Iron/Silver, anything light-related


These are Grail's base stats.

(Help me... ;m;)


  • Imprisoned Blade of Purgatory - A dual bladed weapon with a hilt in the middle tainted by a mixture of angel and devil's blood. It can break through solid rock and it's near unbreakable. (Can also turn into the Enlightened Blade of Seraphiel or Heartless Blade of Lucifer.)
  • Chains - Chains with one tainted by angel blood and one devil blood. He uses these as a whip-like weapon, able to stun opponents rather than taking them out in one blow. It is also very useful for him to wrap it around his arms and block strong attacks.
  • Angelic Glock - (This is for his alternate outfit.) An angelic Glock able to not hurt Mobians or angels, but only devils can be harmed by this gun. Anything else, it just bounces off.


~:In Battlefield:~Edit

Being taught three different styles of martial arts, one including weapons, he is somewhat of a combat pro in the battlefield. He prefers to be up-close and personal rather than deal with attacks far away.

~:Outside the Battlefield:~Edit

Zion prefers to draw and sketch in his time rather than go outside and interact with people. He is an expert at grafitti and doesn't consider this as vandalism. He also is very open-minded and able to accept certain things.


  • He is ticklish in most areas of his body.
  • He typically trains more than interact with people, so he's not really a people person.
  • He is really reliant on close-quarters combat, and doesn't like fighting from far away.
  • Whenever he's in Angel Form, he is extremely weak to anything dark or demonic. Vice versa for his Devil Form.
  • His will to tell the truth and only the truth gets him into pretty bad situations.


Fighting Quotes

"Wait, let me stretch." - Grail preparing for a fight.

"Do you need a hand up?" - Grail after winning a fight.

"At the end of the day... It could've gone better." - Grail after losing a fight.

"Well... Wasn't that a rush?" - Grail after a draw.

Racing QuotesEdit

"Looks like I need to be quick on my feet." - Grail getting ready for a race.

"Well, I wasn't that much of a Speed type anyways, but okay." - Grail after winning a race.

"Meh. Speed isn't my strong point anyway." - Grail after losing a race.

"What? How can I tie with a guy faster than me?!" - Grail after a tie.

Act QuotesEdit

"Okay... Let's get movin'." - Grail once he starts an act.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" - Grail making a S rank.

"Yeah, boi! I did it!" - Grail making an A rank.

"B's. Lovely" - Grail making a B rank.

"Oh, well. It's better than nothing." - Grail making a C rank.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" - Grail making a D rank.

"Impossible! This is an outrage!" - Grail getting a E rank.

"Sweet mother of Gaia! AM I THAT BAD?!" - Grail getting an F Rank.


"I'm Zion, but you can call me Grail or the real name. Whatever fits your preference." - Grail, introducing himself.

"Sweet mother of Gaia..." - Zion whenever something goes wrong/someone says something stupid/needed for comedic purposes/he's embarrassed.

"What." - Whenever someone says something confusing.

"No, please. Go on with your bickering about your life. It's not like I can do anything about the situation anyway." - Zion, when someone is ranting about something that's a waste of time.

"Let's tango." - Grail, beginning a fight.

Personal QuotesEdit

  • "I have two powerful deities inside of me: One is a reluctant mother(....)er that lets me control him at times when I need to be the demon inside, and one that likes me, and that helps me to break my foot off in a unlucky person's (...). And I am blunt. Your breasts are too big and you have a bland personality." [Smiles, goes back to his reading.] - Grail, burning Annabelle.


(If you don't want your character's real name, tell me in Grail's talk page. Also, just because I'm putting down the character's real name, doesn't mean that Grail know it.)


  • James Orlando-Linnet Maddox - Zion's adoptive father and residential go-to guy for personal/romantic struggles. Zion looks up to James as his father figure and sometimes shows off the father-son relationship by hugging his 'dad' at times.
  • Lucinda Josette Morris - Zion's first friend. He's extremely close to her to the point that Grail refers her as her "unofficial sister". Also, Zion knows a lot of things that Luce does thanks to Twi. Even some really 'fun' stuff. ewe
  • Lucas "Whirlwind" Quinton M. Spencer - Besides being the hotheaded brawler in Zion's friend list, he's also half the reason why Phantom is dead. As one of his most powerful allies, he puts a lot of faith in him. Otherwise... Zion would be screwed, whether he has Chaos Powers or not.
  • Michael "Ember" Ryan - Grail and Ember haven't really talked much for a while, but they do still classify each other as friends.
  • Cymbeline the Wolf Lycalo - Zion rarely talks to her, but he has a somewhat good friendship with her.
  • Rei the Raccoon - She's the main reason why Grail got rid of his grandfather's soul the first time. And for that, Zion owes a debt of gratitude.
  • Emile "Blitz" Eastbrook - While Zion ESPECIALLY hates Blitz's cocky demeanor, he still doesn't mind him much. Also, they both make REALLY corny jokes.
  • Toxicity Videl Orchadia - Zion has no idea what happened to her since the last time he talked to her.
  • Twilight the Lycalo/Champ the Chao - Twi and Champ are Zion's more enccentric friends, with Twi being the playful person and Champ being the one on Zion's head, playing with his fur.
  • Tharros Polemistis - Zion both likes and fears the Griffin. As Zion is proud of impressing the Griffin, he still greatly fears him at the same time, but when he has to shun Tharros, he will.
  • Sprite Summerhour - This young 12-year-old (energy)hamster rivals the cuteness of Champ to Zion. He likes giving Sprite hugs and playing around with her.
  • Astraia "Astri" Winters - One of Zion's "I-don't-talk-to-them-much" and fellow fourth wall breaking allies, Zion still considers her as a friend, though Zion wouldn't think Astri would recognize him.
  • Matthew Sprax - One of Zion's newer friends, he and Hiero have gotten along very realitively quick, despite Zion having a fight with Hiero that he forgot about due to Rei erasing the devil inside of him. Also, Grail and Hiero argue which smoothie is best: Mango or strawberry.
  • Zaya the Fox - By meeting Zion uncoventially shooting an arrow at him, they became somewhat good friends. Zion even shared that he was raised by passer-bys and that his parents were deceased.
  • Wraith the Ferret - They are mutual friends, despite Grail trying to set up a date with him and Lili.
  • Sammy and Mike Rhodes - Ditto. Also, he likes giving Feedback hugs.


  • Dizzy Pondwater - Grail has only ever interacted with him once and doesn't really know what to expect from this frog.
  • Azuria Flame - (Trust me, Grail doesn't know her name.) Grail doesn't really interact with her as well.
  • Annabelle Rich - Zion wants to get along with her, but her bratty attitude hinders him from saying anything nice.
  • Zain "Metal" Bloodedge - Again, Zion has ever only interacted with Metal once.
  • Astrid the Fox - As Zion was nearly killed by her in the past, he doesn't like her as much. She won't be so lucky next time they meet and they fight.
  • Valencia Suzette Doichman - Never really interacted with her much, and doesn't know to expect to her.
  • Reuben Doichman - Ditto.
  • Flint Tyanos - Only ever interacted with him once.
  • Jeremy Westbrook - Only interacted with him once.


  • Phantom - The Black Swan gang was affiliated with Phantom's evil-doings, Zion wanted to get to the bottom of that and he did, at the price of being hospitalized for 2 months.
  • ??? the Wolf - If Zion ever sees this wolf, the same one who murdered his parents and sent him to the St. Gaia Orphanage, he will rip out his damn spine and beat his head in with a shovel.
  • Nightmare the Lycalo - Twi's more 'darker' variant. As Zion doesn't like fighting any of his friends (except for a person with equal strength), he tries to avoid confrontation. Now, whenever he sees Nightmare, he seems a lot more pitiful and humiliating.
  • Mae the Succubus - Zion has heard about of all the people Mae had hurt in her life, and Zion hates her with every single inch of good in his body.
  • Azazel Bannonwave - Azazel is the main reason why Zion is slowly losing his sanity, lost  the trust of some people, and main reason why so many people are dead. Now, Azazel inhabits the young man overpowered him.

Romantic RelationshipsEdit

Nahjaka the Raccoon - Zion is pretty much screwing up constantly every single day with this raccoon, from nearly breaking up with her to thinking about her in a swimsuit, she would still forgive him and love him with all her heart. And the feeling's mutual.


  • Grail's favorite genres of music is hardcore rap and hard rock.
  • Zion prefers to have a quiet day drawing and sketching grafitti rather then going outside.
  • Zion is actually a very good singer, he just prefers not to.
  • Grail is a fan of satrical and dry humor.
  • You can actually kill Grail in his Angel/Devil forms: Either decapitate him with a demonic steel/cold iron or silver weapon or incinerate him whilst he's regenerating with holy/unholy fire. Regular fire will not work.
  • Zion's favorite game series is Kingdom Hearts.
  • Grail knows a lot about some people, so don't be surprised if he knows too much.
  • Zion likes hugging a lot, but because of his short height, he doesn't like hugging women taller than him without getting into their chest.
  • Zion "fanboys" whenever he sees really cute things.
  • He doesn't get Chaos because of the way they look. He'll usually poke a Chao when he sees one.
  • Zion LOVES root beer a lot. He would usually get into fights if someone steals his root beer, and they don't need anything.
  • Zion's devil is was originally an Incubius, a male variant of a succubus.
  • Grail is mostly based off a mixture of Cole MacGrath and Delsin, two main protaginists from the Infamous series, power wise and outfit wise. Otherwise, he is based off his creator.
  • Grail greatly disapproves of drugs and alcohol.
  • Zion is usually very silent when bored. Also, unresponsive.
  • Zion is somewhat romantically frustrated.



I'm Not Alright by Shinedown

I'm Not Alright by Shinedown

Grail's main theme.

Main Theme: I'm Not Alright by Shinedown

I like to stare at the sun
And think about what I've done
I lie awake in my great escape
  - Zion constantly thinking about his life. He's also sleep-deprived. I like crossing the line
And slowly losing my mind
- Zion always like going overboard to prove a point, and he's slowly succumbing to the devil. Are you ok
'Cuz I feel fine
Maybe it's me
I'm just crazy
Maybe I like that I'm not alright - Grail, accepting that he's slightly insane, mostly for letting the demon he depised alone, and succumbing to the devil to fight.

My Darling (Intrumental With Hook) by Eminem

My Darling (Intrumental With Hook) by Eminem

Azazel's theme shared with Grail.

Theme shared with Azazel: My Darling by Eminem

My Darling, I don't ever want you to leave me
My Darling, you and me were meant to be together
My Darling, And if I cannot have you, no one can, you're my
My Darling, cause I possess your soul, your mind, your heart and your body -
Azazel trying to fully possess Zion for his evil doings.

Evil Twin by Eminem

Evil Twin by Eminem

Devil Grail's theme.

Devil Grail's theme: Evil Twin by Eminem

There’s darkness closing in (evil twin)
There it goes again (my evil twin),
It controls my pen (my evil twin),
But that ain’t me, it’s my evil twin
- Zion, when he feels like the Devil transformation is coming. (then I step out and see my evil twin he gives me an evil grin)
But he’s just a friend (evil twin),
Who pops up now and again (again)
So don’t blame me (evil twin)
Blame him, it’s my evil twin
- Zion's feelings after he sees the damage done by the Devil.