This is an article about Zephyr The Hunter, a character created by MetalTD on 04/23/2014.
Zephyr also known as Bloodedge is a Berserker/Snow Leopard hybrid, who is the father of the Berserker trio (Metal, Rai and Rampage). He is a 25 year old (physically) swordsman, who is commonly hired as a mercenary to do work. He is known to be on G.U.N's most wanted list as one of the most dangerous criminals. He sides with the rebel force that is against G.U.N known as Investigation Team (Name Pending), and is the current leader. He is commonly mistaken for Metal himself with his helmet off, due to him and Metal having the same colour of hair and hairstyle.



Zephyr is a human hybrid who stands at the height of seven feet six. He is a fairly muscular and has short spiky silvery-gray hair. On top of his head, he has large cat like ears that are white with various black markings on them. His eyes are a silver colour with the whites of his eyes being black. His feet are clawed, but are partly concealed by his sneakers. He has a short cat like tail that is white with black markings on it. He has a tuft of white fur on his chest, which is fairly visible from over his armor. His arms are covered with white fur with black markings on it, which are fairly visible despite wearing armor. His hands are clawed as well.

He has blue markings under his eyes, along his arms and on his chest. His chest markings are concealed but the other markings are fairly visible. His markings glow when he uses certain techniques or if he is angered.


Zephyr wears heavy armour, that covers most of his body. The armour is a orange colour, and looks futuristic, as some of it glows a light blue colour at times. He wears a heavy helmet, which is a orange colour, and has an inbuilt gas mask and visor built into it. The armour itself is fairly heavy and hard to get around in, but it protects him fairly well against bullets and explosions. He wears a pair of orange gauntlets, as well as a pair of orange boots.

While off duty, or while doing lighter work, Zephyr wears a black trenchcoat with a blue X-shaped symbol on the black. He is known to wear a blue t-shirt underneath, which is slightly ripped, to allow his fur to be shown. He wears a black pants, as well as a pair of black sneakers and wears an orange visor over his eyes. It is known he has wears bandages round his right arm, to avoid his markings to be seen. It is known he wears a bulletproof vest, underneath his t-shirt.

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Unstarted. I will write the background story after I get an Idea of how to write it. Ideas will be appreciated.







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