This is an article about Tyran The Hunter, a character created by MetalTD on 12/13/2013.

Tyran The Hunter is the future son of Metal The Rogue. He is a 14 year old Berserker who is an assassin who works for a secret organization that is part of G.U.N.



Unlike his father Metal, he likes Mobians and Humans. He has a strong sense of justice. He is prone to speeches and as well as making dramatic entrances. He protects those cares about with his life, and he highly thinks as himself as a hero and the one to punish all evil-doers. 


  • Justice
  • His allies/friends


  • Metal
  • Not being called a hero
  • People who disrespect him
  • Bullies
  • Evil-doers


Tyran's early life isn't well known, due to the fact he was a Berserker. However, his father was a Berserker/Wolf hybrid and his mother was an unknown species. It was also known his father Metal was a street fighter.

He was interested in joining G.U.N in order to prove his father, that he was overall stronger than him. For the next years until he was old enough, he trained with his father and joined G.U.N at the age of 14. He later was assigned as a Assassin for G.U.N and quickly went though the ranks to become one of the best Assassins.

He later got a mission to kill his father and get rid of him, and therefore developed a strong hatred for his father. He has multiple runs in with his father, and he has proved too strong for Tyran. He keeps training, in order to overpower his father and to kill him.


Being a Berserker, Tyran has immense physical strength and above average defense and speed. He also has the soul of a Dragon, him being able to transform into pure dragon himself. His left arm is simlar also to the arm of dragon and has increased physical strength. He also has a basic level Regenerative Healing Factor, him being able to heal minor wounds.

He is able to control various elements at various different skill levels. He can control fire, electicity, darkness, ice and earth. Some of his powers were inherited from his father. He is known to be extremely advanced in control fire, and can absorb and even breathe fire. He was trained by G.U.N in Ice and Earth manipulation him being above basic level on controlling them both. His was trained in using his other powers by his father.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Tyran inherited the Stages of Evolution as a hidden ability from his father. He is capable of entering a genetic evolution, when his strength level is increased up to a certain point, however this hasn't happened yet.


Metal is skilled in using the bow and with a gun. He has above average accuracy with them both. He is also quite skilled in hand to hand combat, and can easily defeat foes due to his years of constant training. As well as this, he can use swords just as well.

Items currently in PossessionEdit

  • Bow: A bow that is enchanted with electricity. It has a chance of paralyzing foes using normal arrows. He found it in a abandoned building, his father blew up.
  • Fireproof Gauntlets: He wears fireproof guantlets that allow him to him to use his fire powers without burning his hands. There are also electricity proof, allowing him to use his electricity powers without paralyzing himself.
  • Steel Arrows: A quiver of normal steel arrows, he wears on his belt.
  • Assault Rifle (modified): A rifle that he commonly uses, it has a silencer and is modified to use more bullets than normal and it can use armour piercing bullets.
  • Shadow Blade: A sword he found while exploring a abandoned G.U.N base. It's blade is made of pure darkness energy. It's hilt is made of pure ice.
  • Fire Katana: A sword he found along with the Shadow Blade, it has writing inscribed in the hilt and it is a red colour. The blade is made out of pure fire.
  • Dagger: A normal dagger he uses for fights.


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