This is an article about Sledge The Cyborg Dragon, a character created by MetalTD on 03/26/2014.

Prepare to get burned!
— Sledge The Cyborg Dragon

Sledge, otherwise known as Drago, is a Cyborg Dragon who craves absolute power. He is power crazed and would go to extreme lengths to get power. He is known to have Enhanced Strength, Pyrokinesis and the ability to fly.

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Sledge is a large dragon who is the height of 7"0". He is mostly black and red in colour and various white coloured spikes cover his body. Half of his body is completely robotic, with his left hand, being mechanical and his left eye being completely replaced with cybernetics, making him being able to scan his foes. He has large wings which are completely covered in cybernetics, which are grey with the middle of them being an red colour. His chest is completed covered with cybernetics, which can open up to reveal a secret cannon, which he can fire blasts out of. He has a large black tail, which under it is completely cybernetic. It is known he has orange markings on his neck, an orange scar under his right eye, and a large gold horn on his forehead.

Background Story:Edit

Unstarted. I will write the background story after I get an Idea of how to write it. Ideas will be appreciated.


Sledge is an arrogant individual, he's usually rude to those who try to challenge him. He is known to be obsessed with power, as shown, he was wanting to be a cyborg so he can destroy literally anything that gets in his way. Despite being Mortal, Sledge hates mortals and would attempt to kill them with any means necessary.


Being an Dragon, Sledge only processes one power, Pyrokinesis. While is not able to use it out of his in combat, besides firing it out of his mouth. He can only use this to his advantage in fights as a projectile.


Sledge has very little abilities such as:

  • Flight: Born with the ability to fly, Sledge's highly durable wings allow to him to reach speeds of up to 100mph. However he can fly for long and uses this to fight in the air. He has learn to adapt to high altitude environments. He can fight just as efficiently in the air just as on the ground.
  • Enhanced Strength: Sledge has immense physical strength, being able to lift up to 1,200 lbs (544kg). His strength allows him to lift up heavy objects with ease, and break through a steel door. He is this strong, because of him being an Cyborg.


Sledge has various different abilities using his cybernetics such as:


  • Maximum Quasar: Using his mouth, he fires a massive ball of fire energy as his foe. It may cause the foe to flinch.
  • Shock Cannon: Sledge fires a blast of Fire energy using using his mouth.


  • Ragnarok Buster: Using his cannon in his chest, he fires a powerful blast of fire energy.
  • Chaos Cannon: Using Chaos Energy, that is stored in his body. He can fire a blast of Chaos energy out of his cannon.


  • Aerial Booster: Using his wings, Sledge has the ability to accelerate up high.
  • OVERDRIVE: Repairs all damage done to Sledge. This can only be used once per battle.
  • Dragon Shield: Sledge creates a wall of fire around him nullifying all damage done. It only lasts a few seconds though.
  • OVERLIMIT: Increases Sledge's physical strength by 200% while his defence is severely lowered.


Despite being an Cyborg, Sledge possess amazing abilities in his close combat skills. He is proficient in hand to hand combat. He would generally have the upper hand against weak foes with no abilities.


Being an Cyborg, he relies on his cybernetic parts to get the job done. However, he has a few weaknesses when battling.

His weakness to water would render his ability to fight useless, as it would short out his electrical supply and limit his ability to fight. As well as huge amounts of electricity can overload his system and shut it down, making him seem powerless.







  • Thanks to Mantis for giving me a name for this character.
  • Sledge is based off of Helios from Bakugan: New Vestroia.