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Ark is a anthromorphic cat who is one of the main characters in Kenny's head-cannon being another protaganist. He appears right after the beggining along with zero the hedgehog and to meet his best friend in the future (Kenas) and travels with him. His story is not explained until it gets to the point where Red ( One of the main antagonists ) decides to enlighten him on who he truly is after Kraze ( The primary antagonist ) wiped his memories.

Ark was born to a non-specified couple about 500 years in the past. According to his backstory he was also one of the mobians who participated in the celestial project being a impure celestial, himself. He was later part of the group who left to create their own tribe seperate from the the originals (The creators of the celestials) and later participated in the great celestial war as a army general. Soon retiring and taken hostage by the enemies he was later released as he posed no threat. Even after the incident he was feared by many due to his power but his full power as well as his memories were sealed by Kraze a few years before the start of the story.


Ark is a mainly black furred cat hybrid. He has a white muzzle with two tufts of fur at each of the muzzle's ends, The one on the top being big and the one on the bottom being much smaller compared to the other one. He has white eyelids and purple eyes along with big cat ears and a opening covered by fur so that is looks small. More than that, on his forehead he has two small bangs coming out and on top of his head he has four tufts of fur, the two on the sides being small and covered by the ears while two in the middle are comparateively larger, He also has two purple stripes going down his head from inbetween the four tufts of fur. And the last thing about his head is that he has two more tufts of fur poking out on either side of his head. The one most visible is the one downward while the one on the top being covered by the ear and being smaller. Behind his head more tufts of fur are seen.

While not much of his torso and legs are seen they are fully black furred with the torso having white colored fur along with purple colored fur in the chest area. His elbows have about 3 tufts of fur poking out and the wrist and hand is fully colored purple but the left arm does not seem to have the purple color feature.

Other features include his tail which is slightly larger and furrier than a normal cats tail, also half of it being colored purple. And finally he has a white angel wing ang a red dragon wing on his back.


Thare aren't that many special features about Ark's attire. He wears a white T-shirt and he almost always has a fold in the bottom left are of the shirt. The shirt also seems to be long sleeved, but he keeps it rolled up to seem like a short sleeved shirt. He also wears A pair of black pants that have horizontal magenta stripes at the knees and at the ends. Something that is not that seen is his 'Not that fancy' belt that he wears that is covered by his T-Shirt.

His footwear consits of white socks and wooden sandals.


Ark is as a happy, laid-back and hyperactive cat that is almost never lazy and quick to realize things. He is also very sensitive towards how others feel about others or himself being able to correctly guess how people are feeling by their actions and expressions. He isn't the type of person you would expect to be serious either as he is shown to be very uninformed and arrogant, but this is a false assumption made by a lot of people due to the way he acts. In truth he can be very serious about things he care about. While he doesn't taunt others or any of the sort he automatically faces challenges head to head seemingly recklessly, but he is also fully aware of what he is getting himself into. He also has a very strong will to not give in to one's own desires and to not kill others.



Before the StoryEdit

Ark's story was told by Red ( Kraze's unnamed assistant ) in kenas's story ( This happens in the present, just noting this ). Red told the story fully afte revealing he was actually also a celestial. Later Ark regained his memories and he put the pieces together to find out who he was.

Ark was born to a couple of special blooded mobian cats in a mixed normadic tribe popularly known ( in kenas's continum ) as ' The originals '. He was a very intelligent and friendly child and was cuddled and spoiled by many due to his adorableness in his young age. Ark's childhood, until he started to receive education was fairly normal. The only out of place thing that all of the tribe members were worried about is that he had breakdowns whenever the tribe had to move places as he would get really clingy to whatever place or person he is associating. Going back to Ark's education even though he was considered a very intelligent child he soon became known as a very 'dumb' child failing to realize things quickly and always playing without paying any attention whatsoever to his education.

Soon he started being scolded by his teachers and he certainly did not like this. He devoloped a sense of competition with his comrades and a certain feeling of greed towards  the attention he was receving. Soon he regained his title as an intelligent child and always stood out in all fields the tribe taught. But he was still friendly towards his mate and all things passed normally once again.

Going forward to his time of finishing his education he asked his father and mother to train him in the family's special arts and so he was trained by only his mother due to his father having to work. After training in his family's special powers he became a teacher and continued his life normally once again for about five months before the 'Celestial project'as those would be the last peaceful months he would spend.

Rest coming soon...


Omnikinesis(Ark variant)/CorruptionEdit

Ark has his own variant of omnikinesis that he attained after becoming a celestial.This power of his allows him to convert kinetic and magical attacks arround him into his own element thus claiming them as his own and using them against his foes.This power is very dangerous to magic only users and can render them completely useless but the power has it's limit.The use of this power drains power bit by bit from Ark and continous use was prohibited after a seal was used on him.There is a 5 second interval between the time of use again and again. Also Ark can not turn things that are not ment to be attacks ( for example illusions ) into his own element and he must know that a certain attack is comming at him to convert it.This power is also known as "Corruption"


Self osteokinesis ( Self centered bone manipulation ) is Ark's Hidden ability that is very rarely shown. He only uses this against very powerful opponents or when he is serious about fighting. He can also turn this into a geokinetic ability by implainting his bones into the earth and expanding and chaning them. He has control over any bone belonging to him. but fails to manipulate other's bones


Corruptions' clawEdit


Corruption's Claw is a scythe that ark wields , the handle is fully black and the grey looks extremely polished and sharp, on the side of the handle opposite to the blade there is a section with an corrupted ancient stone embdded into it.


This scythe was the weapon ark was bestowed upon becoming a celestial. The scythe was made in ark's mind before being materiallized in the real world. Later on he corrupted an ancient stone using his own power and melded it onto the scythe. The ancient stone greatly increases the scythe's effectiveness in every route and gave it powers. The scythe is stored in a seperate space and only summoned in battle, it is very easy to summon and only Ark has permission over it. before summoning Ark shouts "Come forth, Corruption's claw"


The scythe is very easy to weild as it is extremely lightweight compared to a ordinary scythe and also it is deadly towards it's opponents with only it's blade. The scythe is also extremely durable and almost immposible to break.

Here are some of the attacks this scythe can use

  • Barrier Edge - Attack that breaks through any kind of barrier either it be magical , kinetic or physical as long as it is not something exectued by the opponent's hands.
  • Destruction Edge- A attack focused heavily on wide range destruction . It would cancel out the opponents concetration also destroying the ground below ark.
  • Absorb Edge - Absorbs corrupted meterial to give power to ark, this replenishes stamina and removes fatigue.
  • Exceller Edge - Doubles the speed and strength for 5 seconds, Can be used along with other powers to great effect.
  • Mimic Edge - Creates a copy of Corruption's claw that can be used by the other hand.
  • Unleash Edge - Releases a lot of power hidden within the scythe and transforms it into different looking one aswell as grants it new abilities.

These are the attacks that can be used after using "Unleash edge"

  • Cancellor Edge - Cancel's the opponents concetrated power for 5 seconds leaving him vulnerable and open for attack.
  • Spacial Edge - Improved version of destruction edge, This one launches destruction on a specific area only and is more destructive than Destruction edge. The energy is released like a wave instead of a blast
  • Multi Edge - Create multiple copies of Corruption's claw from any direction to attack the opponent.

Normal bladeEdit

Ark carries around a normal, Saw toothed blade while he doesn't use it alot it can be used to make quite a flesh wound due to the saw pattern one side of the blade has.


Scythe and Sword wieldingEdit

Ark is pretty decent at fighting with his sword and is almost a master at fighting with his scythe . He can move quick and think what he is going to do very quick aswell.

Running skillEdit

While Ark is not a born runner many situation of running has made him decently fast 

Physical strengthEdit

Ark's Body is not a weak one and the situation of being in multiple life or death situations has trained it really well. He is very durable and can stand quite a few hits. he can also pick up something with the wait 3 times hiw own with some effort.


  • As said before continous use of Ark's ability is a no no. There is a 5 second interval in between time of use and if use correctly can be used to land a hit on Ark. 
  • Ark is extremely cautious while fighting women and prefers to put them down without hurting them alot.
  • After Spacial Edge and Destruction Edge is released Ark can't control direction or power output.
  • Mimic Edge's copy's durability is extremely low comapred to that of the real one.
  • Exceller edge puts fatigue on Ark
  • It is a good idea to not let Ark near the corrupted material he made as he can heal from it.
  • Ark also can't use multiple " Edges " all at once, but he can stack them to create more powerful attack's overtime.