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Who is the hybrid? What is his goal? Only Metal himself knows what he's after, and he will go great lengths to get it. Known as formerly Rogue, Metal is a powerful warrior, capable of destroying or saving Mobius using his legendary strength.

Rogue "Metal" Kouri is a fifteen year old Berserker (Human/Dragon) Wolf hybrid who was the first Berserker in history to live, but greatly suffers memory loss from his accidental time travel in the past. He was genetically modified by Raiden, as the sixth attempt of making an supersolider of G.U.N (Project: Destroyer). He was known to be an warrior known as Rogue in the future, the warrior that defeated Raiden once and for all.

It is revealed though the Metal regaining his original memories that he is, in fact, Rogue. In the original timeline, Dragonor accidently activated his Chronokinesis sending the Berserker warrior back into the past six hundred years before the events of Raiden's supposed rule. After finding himself in a old Mobius, he lost his memories, and became a freelance warrior, often finding himself in the side of war. Many people called him the Grim Reaper, due to the fact of him being merciless. After many long years of fights, Rogue settled down to have a family. After many long years, he eventually abandoned his family, leaving them to fend for themselves.

Being stuck in a past universe, Rogue found himself losing his memories yet again as he turned physically turned fifteen at the start of G.U.N's existence in Mobius. Rogue changed his appearance as the result of him starting over new, giving himself the new name, Metal The Rogue. He was later on adopted by a guy named Kaiser, who was known as the Crystal Knight. Unaware of his true strength, Metal was trained by Kaiser in the art of Swordmanship and the use of his blade Dragon Buster.

Metal's destiny is to be the saviour or destroyer of Mobius and known to wield the Dragon Buster, an legendary sword used by Pyron, his father.

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General Background:Edit


Metal is known to wander constantly as he is known to not stay in one place. He is known to work alone, or in with the rebel group he sides with. However, he has no real home, as he was homeless because of his upbringing. Metal is known to be slightly intelligent, as he learned certain things from his soldier training despite never being to a public school in all of his life. Metal knows to how to conceal his identity, as he is commonly suspected for another one of G.U.N's most wanted targets.

Current Status:Edit

After being an ex-G.U.N. soldier and realizing his potential to change the world by destroying G.U.N from eliminate them from the world. However, he has teamed up with a rebel force who clearly wants to erase G.U.N. forever and take over Mobius. For this, he is considering a highly dangerous criminal (also known as a terrorist) on charges of Theft (of G.U.N. technology), Assault (attacking G.U.N. soldiers and innocents), Murder (killing innocent soldiers and civilians) and Arson and Vandalism (destroying various buildings in cities and setting them on fire). He is known to be fairly high up in the wanted list in G.U.N, as they have regularly tried to capture Metal a few times, only to succeed once so far. His decision has changed his life dramatically, as he has little allies and little friends outside of this.

Background Story:Edit


Birth and Early Life:Edit

Rogue was born in a village in a frozen wasteland in September 29th 1634. He was one of the first Berserkers, a species that was known to be able absorb dragon souls, making them the ultimate dragon slayers. He was born to his father Pyron and his unnamed mother. He was born with no complications. Rogue's mother was a Demon Wolf, while his father was a Human Dragon hybrid who was known for his legendary warrior skills in battle. He inherited his Pyrokinesis off his father.

Rogue's early life consisted of him being trained by his father in the art of Pyrokinesis. He was educated in school, at a young age and trained in the art of using a blade by his own father. By time he was about ten years old, the young Rogue got sealed away by his own father, preventing from him being caught in any wars during that time.

Sometime later, Rogue woke up to find himself in a future universe where the wolverine Raiden rules over. Finding his strength, and attempting to destroy Raiden, Rogue somehow comes across a warrior known as Dragonor. Rogue introduces himself as Rogue, and the two commance a fight. Later on, Dragonor activates his Chronokinesis by accident, sending the young Berserker warrior about 580 years back in time.

The young Berserker, wakes up in the past Universe, after his father sealed him away, looking around the place. Not remembering a single thing from what happened in the future, he attempts to find out his past. During his arrival, he finds that the village he used to live in was destroyed by Raiden's father, known as ???. His father and mother were both killed by the wolverine, leaving the poor Rogue to fend for himself.

Teenage Years:Edit

Rogue continued onwards, trying to find surviors in the path of ???'s destruction. Eventaully, finding a few surviors, a hyena and a lion. The three of them banded together to defeat ???.

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Enraged by the way his adoptive father treated him and his siblings; he left with siblings for the army at the age of 14. He joined as a soldier, and was trained in advanced Hand to Hand Combat.

Raiden, a scientist of G.U.N, wanted to create a super-soldier, so he captured Zain, and put him under experimentation. Zain was the first one to survive all of the tests, gaining more strength and powers in the process.


After experimentation, and managing to successfully survive all the tests, he was later reappointed as a G.U.N soldier. During his missions, he regularly got partnered with Crusher the Wildcat, one of the most experienced soldiers in the base. Using his powers and abilities he regularly got the job done with the help of his partner. During one mission, which was the one to help take down a rogue dragon named Sledge, his partner got killed by the Dragon. Determined to stop the beast, Zain attempted to kill the Dragon, before failing and nearly ultimately getting himself killed.

Afterwards, he finds out that it was Raiden's plan to tell Sledge to kill his friend, in order to make him outraged. Enraged by this, he leaves G.U.N, and Raiden messes up his wanted record, making him seem like a criminal. In order to defeat Raiden, he craves absolute power, and so goes Rogue. Earning himself the title, "The Rogue" and taking his adoptive father's real name, thus creating his alter ego, Metal.

Battle with a God:Edit

During his quest for power, he grew stronger and stronger. Determined to try and destroy Raiden using his powers, he eventually infiltrated a G.U.N base. Metal later attempted to find Raiden who was trying to make him powerful enough to take over the world. Metal then challenged Raiden to a fight using his powers. During the fight, Metal accidentally activated his Chronokinesis giving himself the advantage in the fight, successfully defeating Raiden.

Metal later on tried to absorb Raiden's powers, only to find he absorbed some negative energy off of Raiden, causing Metal to transform into his Nightmare form. Pleased by his newfound power, as the cause of this, Metal leaves Raiden injured, and goes to challenge people using his newfound strength.

Metal attempts to absorb Sledge's powers after defeating him in battle and later Exodus' as a result. Deemed as the most powerful Mobian hybrid to ever live, he attempts to kill anyone that gets in his way. Attempting to bring his Chronokinesis to the maximum power, he starts to kill Dragons and realizes he gets stronger from absorbing Dragon Souls. Later on, he attempts to kill everyone that gets in his path (minus his family and friends), but then realizes his quest for power, has torn his life apart because of his lust for vengeance. During this, he redeems himself, wanting to get rid of the evil of the world, beginning with his adoptive father. Using his strength, he nearly manages to kill his adoptive father but stops, realizing that killing his father isn't worth it. Afterwards, Metal is known to work with the Investigation Team (Name Pending) with Yu and the others, claiming he should work with the best instead of against them. After a few years, he is known to work with G.U.N again to prevent what Raiden wanted to do the first place and find out where his parents went.



Fire Manipulation otherwise known as Pyrokinesis; is Metal's main ability is create and control fire in any way he desires. Since processing this power after his experimentation, he is quite skilled in it. He can melt frozen things without harming them and create large columns of fire, as well as creating a shield of fire to block attacks with. He has heat immunity and immunity to fire cause of this. It is known his fire is a light blue colour, similar to the colour of his markings. This was caused by him being the descendant of the great Dragon Pyron. His flames can easily burn though the toughest walls and materials, because of the flames having an immense heat.

  • Rainbow Flames/Fire: Because of Metal's ability to control fire, he has the ability to create Rainbow Fire, which is a multicoloured and is different from his normal fire. He can create using his dragon soul, which powers his flames. His fire is even more powerful than before and is hotter.

Dragon Soul Absorption:Edit

Metal is Dragon Souled because of him being part Dragon, meaning can absorb the souls of killed dragons. However, he will get more powerful the more dragons he slays. This could increase her abilities in his lesser powers (such as his Super Strength etc), making them stronger. However, unknown to his abilities, he doesn't know how to do this yet.



Metal is a expert swordsman. After about training all his life with a sword, he is highly skilled with his prototype sword, Dragon Buster. He is highly skilled in defending and offensive attacks, and is capable of deflecting attacks with ease. He is moderately fast with his sword strikes, and is a dangerous person to fight one on one with his sword skills. He is currently training up to become a master at using the sword.

Fighting Skills:Edit

Metal is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, due to him being trained as a soldier. While he really lacks any weapon skills (except his sword skills), he can use his hand to hand combat while unarmed to inflict some damage. His punches are known to be extremely hard as he has super strength. Metal generally uses his hand to hand combat to give a warning, or in an actual fight.

Gun Markmanship:Edit

Metal has moderate skill in basic firearms. While he hasn't really used firearms, and has been only trained in using rifles and handguns. He has no knowledge or any other firearm so far. He only knows how to reload a rifle and handgun and fire it.


Metal is a highly skilled thief, from when he was eleven years old. He is highly skilled from constant practice as well as watching others do it. He is known to steal things from others without them noticing.


Peak Human Strength:Edit

Metal's incredible strength allows him to lift cars and other vehicles and throw them great distances. He is far stronger than any normal average human or Mobian. Metal is capable of punching holes though almost anything if necessary, including a two foot steel door. He is able to currently lift up to one ton. Metal is able to leap over great distances using his strength and durability. His strength plays in with his combat as well, further increasing the power of his hand to hand combat attacks.

Peak Human Durability:Edit

Metal's body is harder and more resistant to certain types of physical injury. This ability allows him to withstand great impacts, such as falling from a height of a three story building and getting hit by an opponent with super-human strength. As well as this, he is immune to under .40 bullets as those don't effect him.

Decelerated Aging Process:Edit

Metal has decelerated ageing. This provides him with an extended lifespan by slowing down the effects of the ageing process. This was also caused by his part Dragon DNA.

Chaos/Fire Immunity:Edit

Due to being a Berserker, Metal is immune to Chaos Energy, any sort of Chaos energy such as Chaos Spear, won't affect him. Metal is immune to fire and is unaffected by hot temperatures as well. To a degree, because of his fire manipulation and his fire immunity, he is resistant to Ice.

Strengths and Weaknesses:Edit

Metal is known to be immune to Fire and hot temperatures as well as being fireproof. He is resistant to Ice and cold temperatures as he is able to live in the Frost Cavern without freezing to death. Metal has expert control over his kinetic abilities and is able to use them for a longer time. He has expert knowledge in hand to hand combat as well as knowing how to use a sword like a expert swordsman and has basic knowledge of a firearm. Being a Berserker, his physical strength is impressive, him being able to deal quite a lot of pain if he manages to hit a foe successfully.

His ability to take physical damage is great, him being able to be unaffected by non-armour piercing bullets. Naturally his Berserker blood allows him to be immune to Chaos energy based attacks and abilities. He can transform into Nightmare using Negative Energy, created by living creatures, increasing his strength to a tenfold.

While he great control over his elemental abilities and powers, however he rarely uses his speed in battle and his resistance to Telepathy and Mind Manipulation is poor. However with no powers, he generally useless and only can fight using his hand to hand combat skills. His Night Vision is generally useless if there is bright light around him. His ability is dodge attacks is quite poor, as he can't dodge bullets or other elemental attacks/abilities fairly quickly. He hasn't got the best accuracy in shooting firearms at long range.

He's weak to Light, which would weaken his powers, rendering them nearly useless. He is also rendered powerless against advanced Earth element users. Due to having enhanced durability he can still be killed by extreme wounds and elemental weaknesses; this puts him at a disadvantage. Despite having the ability to withstand normal bullets, Metal can still be affected by armour piercing bullets, as these cause a massive amount of pain to him. Metal is weak to extremely loud noises, as well anything that would shut down his senses. While being a fire wielder, he is weak to water attacks, as it will douse his flames. While he may seem weak to water, he is not affected by going in deep water and other sources of water himself, this is most likey because of the fact he is only weaker, if someone douses his flames, or fire. Metal is known to be weak to electricity from no known reason, possibly the fact, that it would drain his energy, as electricity is a powerful source of energy.


List of techniques Metal can use.

Dragon Buster:Edit

  • Dragon Slash: Metal does a basic slashing attack using the sword.
  • Draco Overdrive: Metal charges towards the foe slashing multiple times at them.
  • Dragon Burst: Metal charges energy into the sword releasing a wave of dragon energy.


  • Strike Dragon: Metal's fires a blast of rainbow fire onto the onto the ground causing an explosion that will send anyone flying that is caught in the radius.
  • Burning Dragon: Metal fires a large blast of blue flames using his mouth.
  • Burning Tornado: Metal flies up using his wings and surrounds himself with blue fire, he then spins round and round creating a tornado like spiral.
  • Maxinum Dragon: Metal surrounds himself with rainbow fire and charges.
  • Burning Infinity: Metal uses Burning Tornado then surrounds himself with more flames.


  • Shadow: Merges Metal with the shadow making him hard to be seen.
  • Shadow Dash: Teleports Metal five meters ahead.


  • Time Stop: Stops time for a few seconds, allowing Metal to dodge or move.
  • Dimensional Gateway: Allows Metal to create a portal allowing him to travel to the past or future in a different dimension or the one he's in.


  • Pistol Barrage: Metal fires a barrage of bullets from his pistol.
  • Nightmare Overdrive: Metal's transforms into Nightmare.
  • Dragon Force (Astral Heat/Overdrive): Metal surrounds himself with himself with a blue aura and charges his Dragon Buster sword with dragon like energy. Metal then releases a shockwave of Dragon Energy before dashing forward and slashing the foe a few times with his blade.



  • Pyron The Dragon (Ancestor) - Metal has heard stories of his ancestor. A dragon who fought in many battles and was gifted in Pyrokinesis. Although Metal was the only one that was alive in his family to process Pyrokinesis, a trait he inherited from Pryon himself.
  • Zephyr Bloodedge (Father) - Zephyr is Metal's swordsman father, and is a highly skilled Mercenary with various different powers. He is the leader of the supposed rebel force against G.U.N. and those two share a common goal with each other. Metal is known to have a strong bond with his father, despite not meeting him till he was about fifteen.
  • Unknown Mother - Not much is known about his mother, as all he knows of her is that she was skilled in using Pyrokinesis, much like Metal. However, he possibly fled with his father Zephyr.
  • Percival The Berserker (Adoptive Father) - Metal hates his adoptive father, due to the amount of abuse he gave him and his siblings.
  • Rampage The Berserker (Older Brother) - Metal looks up to his older brother and respects him greatly. The two have fought many times in battles, and are equally matched.
  • Rai The Berserker (Older Sister) - Metal is known to have a strong bond with his older sister. Despite Rai having powers, Metal generally protects her as she doesn't know how to really use them in combat.