Who is the hybrid? What is his goal? Only Metal himself knows what he's after, and he will go great lengths to get it. Known as formerly Metal, Rogue is a powerful warrior, capable of destroying or saving Mobius using his legendary strength. It was known he died from the Chaos energy that mutated him.

Rogue "Metal" Destroyer is a twenty five year old Berserker (Human/Dragon) Demon hybrid who was the first Berserker in history to live, but greatly suffers memory loss from the effect of Chaos energy. He was genetically modified by the effect of Chaos Energy, as it mutated and improved his strength. He was known to be an warrior known as Rogue in the future, the warrior that defeated the lightning god, ???, once and for all.

It is revealed though Metal finding out his history of his family, that he is, in fact, the descendant of Rogue. In Rogue’s timeline, he was warrior trained up by father, to protect Mobius from danger. Many people called him the Grim Reaper, due to the fact of him being merciless. After many long years of fights, Rogue settled down to have a family. After many long years, he eventually abandoned his family, leaving them to fend for themselves.

After many years of settling down, Rogue became well known as the protector of Mobius, and the strongest hybrid to ever live. However, that changed when the lightning god, ???, attempted to wipe Mobiankind and Humankind out, in attempt to create his own world. Rogue rose up, banding together with his lion and hyena friends in attempt to slay the god down. After slaying the god and banishing him for good, Rogue mutated because of the amount of chaos energy, and later on died as the result of it. He died on September 9th 1790.

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