This page is about Metal's Persona, Rai Bloodedge which was created by Metal on the 21st of January 2014.
Rai is the persona of Metal. She is a Berserker, that has the ability to manipulate electricity and is the daughter of Zephyr, and the sister of her older brother Rampage and her younger brother Zain. She formerly had an alignment to good, but as the result of being possessed by Volt, she wants nothing more than to destroy G.U.N and erase the world of justice and order and obtain greater power.

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Rai is a pale, tall Human hybrid, that has long brown hair with blue coloured eyes. She is quite tall (5"11½) but not as tall as Metal or Kanji. She is quite thin and muscular for her age (16). She has blue lightning bolt markings over her eyes and there are similar markings on her arms.


She wears a short blue t-shirt and black pants. As well as she has a pair of red headphones round her neck. She wears a black blazer on top of her shirt to conceal her markings on her arms. She also wears black sneakers.

Background Story:Edit


Rai was born in a poor area of a Central City. She was born to a family of Dragon Slayers, known as Berserkers. Being a Berserker, she was a rare species, that was more common back five hundred years ago, but however to unknown reasons, most of her species died off, making very few remain, it being her parents, and her siblings, along with her uncle, Percival. Her species were well known for the ability to absorb Dragon Souls, making them excellent dragon slayers back in the time. However, Rai was only very few of the original like Berserkers, as she didn't have the ability to absorb dragon souls.

Her mother was supposedly, a Berserker/Mobian Wolf hybrid. Her father, known as Zephyr, was unusual hybrid species for a Berserker, being a Berserker/Snow Leopard hybrid. It was known she inherited no abilities off of her parents apart from her enhanced durability.

Early Life:Edit

Rai was brought up for a few years with her older brother Rampage, before her father decided to flee with her mother after Zain was born.


On the outside, Rai hates being social, and prefers to be left alone regardless. She doesn't really like being with others, and would prefer to work alone to get jobs done. It is noted, she has somewhat of a superiority complex to others, most of the time thinking she's more superior that others. Most notably Mobians.

Other that this, Rai hates people that break the rules and that mess around, most notably because of her serious attitude and her ability to not take jokes. Rai hates authority, as she is noted to be a rebel, and she would go against anyone that is in power, most notably G.U.N and the police. She will stand up for what she thinks that's right, often getting into a argument about what she stands up for. Rai is a smart individual, and often has the tendency to read books or hack into computers. She earned the title of tactician for being able to analyse the tactics of the enemy. Other than this, Rai often read books about legends which lead to her trying to find out how to gain the power of one of the most dangerous demon dragons in all of history.

Rai is known to care deeply for her friends, and considers very little of people she talks to as her friends. She is probably because of her lack of trust towards others. On the other side, is that Rai has a very short temper, as she can't stand simple insults. Simple things such as joking around, will send Rai into a rage.

Rai was known to be obsessed with obtaining the power of the Demon Dragon, Volt. Upon being obtaining such power, and the manipulation to create electricity, Rai's personality greatly changed, as she is known to be slightly insane and power crazy and cold towards others, only wanting revenge towards anyone that messes with her. Her alignment changed to Chaotic Neutral as a result, as she believed she was going to change the world herself, and disbanded from her affiliation from the rebel group, before going to find a out a way to become more powerful to destroy G.U.N. and erase the order and justice from the world herself.



Like Raiden, Rai is a powerful electrokinetic. This means she can control, manipulate and even generate electricity. She can strike enemies with lightning from a short or long range. She also has the ability to use Electricity defensively, by surrounding herself with electricity for defensive. Also as well as she can use electricity for healing and as well as being able to drain electricity to heal. She is moderately skilled in her electrokinesis, with being just as powerful as Yu and Kanji but not as powerful as Raiden. Rai's electricity is a blue colour meaning she is a of a Good nature.


This allows Rai to use electricity to generate magnetic and anti magnetic effects. She can also charge herself with energy as she falls, creating a powerful explosion. Another notable things she can do with this is, that she could bind an explosive kinetic charge of electricity with Electromagnetism, that is able to bounce off walls and explodes a few seconds after impact. She could also hover in the air using Electromagnetism and grind through metal wires and railings. She also exhibits some form of weather control, the primary example of this being able to call forth an extremely powerful bolt of lightning from the sky and control it's direction.


Peak Human Durability:Edit

Being enhanced by the her Berserker species, Rai's body is harder and more resistant to certain types of physical injury. This ability allows him to withstand great impacts, such as falling from a height of a three story building and getting hit by an opponent with super-human strength. However she is vulnerable to bullets, as she doesn't have the same effect of vulnerably as Metal.

Chaos Immunity:Edit

Due to being a Berserker, Rai is immune to Chaos Energy, any sort of Chaos energy such as Chaos Spear, won't affect her.


Rai knows little skills, as she only knows hand to hand combat. She has basic knowledge in this and will struggle against foes with advanced abilities. She has little knowledge of how to use swords and guns.


Being an Electricty wielder, Rai is naturally weak to Earth and those based attacks. She is also weak to bullets as she doesn't have as advanced durabilty as Metal does. She is also weak to light as she is a darkness wielder and this would affect her greatly.





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  • Rai is based off of the original Metal aka Metal Storm and is based on some aspects of MetalTD's personality.