The following states the rules which are to be adhered to on Sonic Fan Universe. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please click here. Please note that these policies are frequently updated.


Chat Moderators reserve the right to ban or kick any user who does not abide by the rules or if the Chat Moderator determines that the user may be harmful to the Wiki or the chat in some way.

Please note that users that are Administrator and Bureaucrat status are automatically given Chat Moderator status, and reserve more rights on chat than any Chat Moderator. Such as Administrators can promote people to Chat Moderator. The following is a list of users with Chat Moderator status or higher:

Chat Moderators




1. Civil Behavior

All users are expected to keep a civil manner when talking. Do not say anything that may offend a user, and keep swearing to a bare minimum. If a user shows exceptional profanity or disrespect, report it to a Chat Moderator or Administrator immediately to deal with the situation.
All users must show respect to one another and especially towards the more noticeable members of the community. This includes users of high rank (Administrators and Chat Moderators) and those of high edit counts or experience.
Normal Users have no authority to tell the higher rank users what to do, and will be given a warning if they do so. Users are not allowed to harass people based on their gender, if they say they are Male or Female, don't argue with them. Any user not following this rule will be given a warning and possibly a ban if they continue.

2. Inappropriate Topics

Users must not be allowed to talk about inappropriate topics on the chat. These include religion, politics, gender, sexuality, race, drugs, alcohol and sexual content. Any user about these topics will be given a warning and a ban if they continue.

3. Cross-Site/Wiki Incidents

Cross-Wiki/Site drama is strictly prohibited on the site. We are not affiliated with Sonic News Network or Sonic Fanon Wiki, and topics brought across from these wikis is strictly prohibited. Cross Site Drama is not allowed to be brought across to wiki, these include sites such as deviantART, Skype, Steam and Origin, or any other way of communication. Any user bringing Cross Wiki/or Cross Site Drama across will be given a warning and possibly a ban if they continue.

4. Swearing

Swearing is prohibited in normal talk on the wiki (excluding the Chat and Roleplays), and must not be used towards other users. No offensive swearwords that can offend any user, will be allowed on the wiki, even on the chat. Outside of normal talk, swearing is allowed on the Wiki, while Roleplaying, or on the chat. The only thing that isn't allowed is spamming swear words in repeat. Any user found doing this, will be given a warning and possibly a ban if they continue.

5. No Recolors and Canon Pages

Recolors are prohibited on the wiki. Recolors are obviously recolors of the official characters and look like the canon characters themselves or colored over images. Any user found uploading a recolor, will be given a warning and their picture will be deleted. Try to be creative.
Canon Pages are somewhat prohibited on the wiki. No Canon Characters are allowed to be created, as the canon characters are copyrighted. The only exceptions to this rule are the locations, and the organizations, and the items of the Sonic Series. Roleplaying as a canon character is strictly prohibited. Any user found creating and/or roleplaying as a Canon Character, will be given a warning and the page will be deleted. If they continue breaking either one of these rules, they might be given a ban. Please note that having canon characters in stories in strictly prohibited also. 

6. Chat Roleplaying

This only applies for the chat.
Roleplaying is allowed on the chat, as long as the majority of the users agree to doing it.