Making characters is one of the biggest sections on this wiki. Here at Sonic Fan Universe, users are free to create their very own characters to use in roleplays, fanfictions and more. However, when making a character, you must comply to the following set of rules below, depending on if the character is canon or fanon.

Below is our policy listings for making characters, it is recommended that you thoroughly read every section.

Making Fan Characters

Most likely, the first thing a user will do when they first join is make a fan character. Members are able to make as many characters as they wish, so long they abide by most of our policies, anything below that level violates our standards and will be marked for deletion.

Here is a list of our fan character policies, you may read as many times as you wish.

Rules Required for Making a Character

The guidelines for making a character are graded similar to a test, users are unable to use their character until a rollback, administrator, or bureaucrat grades the character. To add with that, users can not be used until they are finished and graded. If the grade level is below a C, the user will be asked to improve the article over a one week period. When the one week expires without change, the page will be marked for deletion.

Below is a scoring guide for making your characters, and a list of rules required to abide to these policies.

Guidelines for Creating a Character

  • The character must be well defined so users know about the character's behavior, family, history, etc.
    • Each character needs all of the headers listed. (5 pts. each)
      1. Personality (Must have at least 1 paragraph of detailed information)
      2. History (Must have at least 2 paragraphs of detailed information)
      3. Strengths & Weaknesses (Must have a list of at least 4 strengths and 4 weaknesses)
      4. Powers (Must have a detailed list of at least 3 items)
      5. Relationships (Must have a detailed list of romantic interests, friends, and enemies)
      6. Appearances (Must state what roleplays, fanfictions, and other media he/she/it was in)
    • As a bonus, the character needs one of the three headers listed. (5 pts.)
      1. Possessions (Must have a list of at least 1 item)
      2. Gallery (Must have at least 2 images that are not recolors)
      3. Theme Song (Must have at least 2 songs from
    • You may add as many extra headers as you wish, so long they are in an organized manner.
  • The use of templates must be seen in your article, to improve organization.
    • Each character must have a quote and an infobox. (10 pts. each)
    • Other templates may be used, so long they are used in an organized manner.
  • The character must have proper english spelling and grammar. (5 pts.)
    • If english is not your best language, please ask an administrator to proof-read the page.
  • The character must not contain anything deemed offensive or start an argument. (5 pts.)
    • The character's religous, racial, and/or political views must not be detailed to extant to cause an fight.
    • The character must not have an innappropriate name or species.
    • Swearing is not allowed in a character's quote, it must be censored.
  • The character must have rational limitations in power and skill. (5 pts. each)
    • A character's powers must have something to do with its controlled element or skill.
    • Characters can only have 5 super forms that enhance power, not completely change the character.
    • A character can not have powers that destroy everything in one hit.
    • A character must have a balance of strengths and weaknesses.

Scoring Guide Grades for Creating Characters

  • Total amount of all points is 100 pts.
  • Like a test, the character is graded the same way.
    1. A+ = 98 - 100 pts. (Perfect)
    2. A~ = 94 - 97 pts. (Excellent)
    3. A- = 90 - 93 pts. (Great)
    4. B+ = 88 - 90 pts. (Good)
    5. B~ = 84 - 87 pts. (Okay)
    6. B- = 80 - 83 pts. (Fine)
    7. C+ = 78 - 80 pts. (Could Improve)
    8. C~ = 74 - 77 pts. (Passing)
    9. C- = 70 - 73 pts. (Some Improvement)
    10. D+ = 68 - 70 pts. (Needs Some Fixing)
    11. D~ = 64 - 67 pts. (Requires Improvement)
    12. D- = 60 - 63 pts. (Not Passing)
    13. F+ = 58 - 60 pts. (In Need of Improvement)
    14. F~ = 54 - 57 pts. (Desperately Needs Improvement)
    15. F- = 0 - 53 pts. (Urgently Requires Improvement)

Making Canon Characters

While canon characters are sometimes required for fanon continuities, users are not allowed to make canon articles. If any character or fanfiction contains miniscule to large amounts of canon or altered canon information, a canon article must not be made on Sonic Fan Universe to record this. If canon information is needed for an ease of use, refer to the Sonic News Network (, a database that holds thousands of canon articles.