This is an article about Percival The Berserker, a character created by MetalTD on 03/24/2014.
Percival is one of the main antagonists in Metal's series. He is a powerful chronokinetic and umbrakinetic who hopes to dominate Mobius by any means. He is a 47 year old Wolf who has some traits of a Berserker, and is the adoptive father of the Berserker trio (Metal, Rai and Rampage).

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Percival is a tall muscular wolf who stands at the height of five feet two. His fur is a pitch black colour with a two scar markings going over both his eyes. He has short black hair that reaches about halfway length that goes down to his shoulders.

His eyes are a striking light blue colour. His tail, ears and his chest are all grey. He has blue markings on his chest and both of his arms which reach down to his hands. Like all Berserkers, his markings glow brightly. His muzzle is a grey colour has three tufts of fur on each side of his that are rather curved and look fluffy.


Percival wears a long trenchcoat which reaches down to his feet. It is black in colour with a light blue stripe going down it and the very top. He wears a pair of black boots with a blue line going through it. He has athletic tape around both of his hands.

Items currently in Possession:Edit

  • Handgun: Percival is known to use a handgun in combat. While it seems to look like a normal handgun, it is known to be to fire armour piecing bullets and bullets that affect mythical creatures.
  • Rebellion: Rebellion is Percival's sword that he uses in combat.

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  • Percival is based off Percival from Bakugan.
    • The fact that he uses a sword and has darkness powers is very alike.