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This is an article about Metal The Rogue/Nightmare, a transformation created by MetalTD on 04/3/2014.

Nightmare is the Dark Transformation of Metal The Rogue, and is considered his only and most powerful form. Utilizing either a large source of Dark Energy or his own energy. Nightmare is able to withstand a massive amount of damage and dish out a massive amount as well. It is known Metal has slowly been able to evolve into this form over the years of it constantly being unleashed.


Nightmare has appeared multiple times over the events of his battles. He has been unleashed about ten times over the course of his history.

First Transformation:Edit

During the battle with Raiden, he absorbs some dark energy off Raiden's ability to become more powerful by using negative emotions. Transforming into Nightmare, during the fight. He eventually overpowers Raiden, using his newfound strength. Happy that he defeated Raiden after all the times he's tried. He leaves Raiden injured.

Newfound Power:Edit

After Metal's quest for his new found strength after absorbing negative energy. He begins to destroy anyone that gets in his way.




As expected Metal's appearance has changed to a degree. Metal now stands slightly taller, standing a height of seven foot five. His wings are now coloured completely black and are slightly torn. He gains horns on his forehead, and they are a pitch black colour. His eyes are the same colour with him losing his pupils making them a dark red. His hair is now a pitch black colour with a red marking going though it. He bares a set of razor sharp, fang teeth that can easily piece though defenses. He retains his wolf fur on his chest, with it being a black colour and his ears are a darker grey.

Both of his arms seems to have mutated to a demon/dragon like arm with the whole arm being black. It has glowing blue veins running right though it and he retains his light blue glowing marking on his arm with his claws being covered over also and they are alot sharper. His tail seems to be changed, as he gains a dragon like tail instead, and it is black and has one spike on it. He still retains his markings and glows with a black aura. His skin covers over over most of his torso (aside from his trenchcoat), rendering it unable to be seen. His blue markings are seen on his chest, along with his small black scales over his chest and pants. His sneakers seem to ripped also, as his claws are highly visible on his feet. His clawed feet seem to be changed to a degree where they seem more dragon like.


During his transformation, Metal would retain his visor, trenchcoat and pants. It is known, that his t-shirt is covered over with his skin.


In Metal's Nightmare form, he gains a more sadistic personailty. He shows no mercy with his actions, and would go as far as to mess with someone's head. However, unlike a normal dark form, he is able to discern between friend and foe but is brutal and merciless.


After Metal has transformed in his Nightmare form, he gains one new power. With this, he is able to wreck as much damage as possible. Being able to surpass the power of his base form. Able to slowly evolve into this form in the future, permeantly retaining his normal powers and his new powers. However Metal only has new one power:

  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Metal has the ability to heal slightly faster than usual. Other than this, his healing factor is slightly faster than normal normal creatures.


Metal's ablities are enhanced as result of his transformation. Some abilities are slightly enhanced to a degree. Here's a list of Metal's enhanced abilties:

  • Superhuman Durability: Metal's durability is enhanced to a degree where can withstand up to .50 cal bullets. Anything past .50 will effect him otherwise.
  • Peak Human Speed: Metal can move slightly faster in his new transformation. He can run up to 40mph at most, and has slightly quickly reflexes.

Strengths and Weaknesses:Edit

Like his base form, Metal retains all his strengths including his elemental strengths. After transforming, Metal gains the ability to move slightly faster and the ability to resistant up to .50 cal bullets. He gains the ability to have a regenerative healing factor, as it it is slightly faster than average Mobians.

Like his base form, Metal retains all his weaknesses. His most notable weakness is his slow healing factor. As he can heal slightly faster than normal Mobians/Humans. He cannot heal as fast as those with a immensely fast healing factor. His healing factor can render him useless against his weaknesses as it him longer to heal. His new durability can be uneffective against those who have over .50 cal bullets. Another thing he has is his speed, being able to surpass normal speed as of a human, he is not able to surpass those with super speed.


The requirements of Metal's New transformation is the large amount of negative energy he has to process to transform. He has to use his negative created by his negative emotions. Other thing he can do is absorb dark energy, forcing him into his transformation.