"Kraze" is the name given to a chronically ageless, but a physically 30 year old hedgehog. He is the main villain in IamKenasXros's Continuum. He is kind faced and convincing, but in truth he is a deceiving, sly and an evil intended person. His main ability is to make his body parts into a countless number of machines as he is a AI that is held inside a mechanical body. It is almost impossible to kill him physically but virtually it is very possible.


Kraze takes on the appearance of a 30 year old silver furred Mobian Hedgehog.He has cyan colored eyes and small spikes on each side of his head. These spines consists of chrome yellow colored circles of fur around them and these can also be seen along his arms and legs which are hidden from his attire. The only other notable and visible path of his body is his snow white chest fur that winds halfway around his not-very-visible neck.

His attire consists of a unbuttoned brown trenchcoat that reaches up to his knees, black pants and beneath that a diagonally striped cyan shirt. His trenchcoat is tied together with a piece of white cloth at his waist and on his back lies his sword "Metal Destruction". It is safely sheathed in a horizontally placed black scabbard behind his waist.


Kraze appears to be kind and convincing just as a normal person would be. He is easily able to read others due to his experience with many people in his time of existence. In truth he is very evil intended a going to such far extents as manipulating a whole persons life to use him in his favour. To him his existence and others existence is meaningless and just a game that he has to win by using his wits. 



'Mechanicaliztion' is the act of transforming one of more of the users own body parts to a machine for advantage in battle. This is Kraze's main ability and he has shown mastery over this ability being able to do multiple dangerous things with this ability. Here are a few things he commonly does;

Offensive TransformationsEdit

  • Chainsaw Transformation - Act of transforming one limb or more into a chainsaw. does not have any effect movement. Agility is amplified. Pierce damage is amplified.
  • Laser Transformation - Act of transforming one limb or more into a laser gun. Fire damage amplified damage.
  • Sword Transformation - Act of transforming one limb or more into a sword. Reflexes amplified. pierce damage amplified.
  • Gun Transformation - Act of transforming on limb or more into a Rifle. Accuracy amplified. Pierce damage amplified.
  • Energy Cannon Transformation - Act of transforming only one limb into a giant energy cannon that rests on the shoulder. Speed is lowered but getting hit by the cannon can be prove to be very unfavourable.

Support TransformationsEdit

  • Dash transformation - Creation of multiple holes on the back that release fire travelling at a fast rate to provide boost.
  • Limb boost transformation - Creation of a rocket motor on a joint to make limb movement faster.

Elemental transformationsEdit

These are normally special attacks meant to give him a advantage in battle. they can't be used together with other transformations like the normal ones.

  • Cyclone Chainsaw - Transformation of one single limb into a Circular saw that rotates very fast. This transformation is gives air type damage and is a improved version of the normal chainsaw transformation.
  • Improved laser transformation - Improved version of the normal laser transformation. This laser projects much more heat than the normal laser.


Enhanced CombatEdit

In his long existence he has learned to use a vast array of weapons and is faster with these weapons he have practised. Not only that He is also able to skilfully fight in hand-to-hand combat.

Tactical AnalysisEdit

Kraze was made to be a indomitable force in battle( Even though he can be outsmarted ). With the ability to process things extremely fast it would be quite hard to ace him in a fight of planning and wits.



While his tactical analysis ability is very useful to him in battle, if it wasn't for his tendency to play chess in his early days he wouldn't be a master planner. He is an expert level player of chess and can only be beat by another who is as good at chess as he is. This skills proves useful to him in battle as chess has trained his mind to think fully about one's capabilities and the opponentss capabilities before acting. 

Constant Movement Style (Dance Style)Edit

Constant movement style (or Dance style) is a fighting style devoloped by Kraze himself. He has put much research into this style and has tested it to perfect it. He however stopped devoloping this halfway as he knew that he can never perfect this to work as he wish against everything. He still uses this style and it remains lethal due to how it acts. The theory this follows is that coordinated constant movement helps attacks hit better as well as provides more room for movement meaning more pierce damage as well as more overall speed.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit