This is an article about Knight The Lancer, a character created by Metal on 04/23/2014.
Knight, otherwise known as Neo or Drake is a twenty eight year old Dragon, who is the older brother of Blaze and Volt. He is a Soldier that works for G.U.N. and is commonly called "The Lancer" for his expertise in Lances.



Knight is a tall silm dragon, being about the height of six foot five and the weight of one hundred and seventy kilograms. His body is covered in hard, rough dark blue scales. His tail is long, and is entirely scaled, he has a spike on the top of his tail. He has a short muzzle, which is a grey colour, with his nose being made up of two small slits. His chest and belly, are rather scaled, with them being a grey colour. He has a pair of rather large wings that are on his back with one spike ontop of each, they are a blue colour with the insides of them being a grey colour. He has dark blue eyes, with the whites of them being a black colour, and has a x shaped marking across his face, it being a darker blue in colour that the rest of his body. He has a pair of sharp long horns that sit on his forehead.


Knight wears a medium type of armour that weighs him down slightly. His armour is a blue colour with a white trim, and it is able to able to reflect off bullets under .40. As well as this, he wears boots and gauntlets which have the same type of colour as his other armour. He wears a blue helmet with a helmet with a visor built in allowing him to see in the dark, and see the temperatures of things surrounding him. He has his signature lance strapped to his back, which he uses in combat.

Items currently in Possession:Edit

  • Lance: Knight's signature weapon. It is a normal lance, made out of the wood, with the tip of the lance being a metal spearhead, and the handle being Metal also. It mainly used in close to medium ranged combat. It is able to knock down the opponent with it's side, able to impale them. It is a fairly heavy for a lance, and it is painted blue in colour. Knight regularly uses the weapon, as he has it strapped to his back most of the time. It is known to be about ten feet long.

Background Story:Edit

Unstarted. I will write the background story after I get an Idea of how to write it. Ideas will be appreciated.


Knight has a strong sense of honour and mercy, and would let an injured foe live if on the verge of death. He has a strong hatred for anyone who goes against G.U.N. He has a strong sense of justice towards rule-breakers as well as a strong sense of loyalty.


Enhanced Speed:Edit

Knight possesses enhanced speed, him being able to run at about 80mph at the most. This can be great advantages against foes that are slower, like Gunthar and Metal for example. This also allows him to dodge attacks easier, as his speed is Enhanced.


Being trained in using a Lance since he was about fifteen years old (Chronologically), Knight is a master of using a lance. As well as this, Knight is an expert at hand to hand combat, as he can hold his own against foes with equal ability.


Knight is weak to normal human means, such as bullets and slashes. Despite being a Dragon, Knight is not immune to bullets in any way possible. His defence is slightly enhanced as the result of his armour. Knight's Speed is Enhanced, but he is slower than those with Superhuman Speed. Those with that sort of speed, can give plenty of trouble in battle, as they are faster and able to dodge his attacks more easily. Knight isn't gifted in long range combat, and this can can make him suffer greatly. His fighting style consists of close combat, and he can only attack close range, with his Lance and hand to hand combat skills.





Skyler The Hedgehog:Edit

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