This page is about the Fursona of Metal, Keith The Hedgewolf which was created by Metal on the 30th of November 2010.

Ready or not, here I come!
— Keith The Hedgewolf

Keith ??? is a 16 year old Hedgewolf, who has Enhanced Speed and has Night Vision. He dreams of being the ultimate fighter, and regularly fights stronger foes than him. While he has no real powers, he relies on his abilities and his hand to hand combat.

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Keith is a short and thin individual, who is only three feet and nine inches tall. His fur is mostly blue, with the stripes on his arms and legs being a red colour. He quills are downwards and have red stripes on them. On his chest, he has white tuft of fur. The tips of ears are a red colour, and his muzzle is a peach colour. He has a tuft of brown hair on his head and has a red scar over his eye, and on his chest. It is noted that he has green eyes.


Keith wears a long black trenchcoat. He also wears black pants as well. He has a bandage round his right arm and he wears white gloves. He wears black and blue sneakers.

Background Story:Edit

Unstarted. I will write the background story after I get an Idea of how to write it. Ideas will be appreciated.


Keith is a kid who really loves fighting, but gets frustrated easily. His greatest ambition is to be the number one fighter to ever live. He tends to act rash and impulsive which often leads him to trouble. He is always eager to fight, thinking he can take on anyone. Will be expanded on later.


Keith has no powers, but has very few skills such as:

  • Night Vision: Keith's vision is that of a normal Mobian. His vision allows him to see in the Dark allowing him to combat enemies in the dark as well as see his surroundings.
  • Enhanced Speed: Keith can run up to speed of 50mph. He is not known to run any faster. Despite having limited speed, he can use this in battle to dodge attacks and elemental powers easier.


Keith is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. While he lacks any weapon skills and has no powers, he tends to be a dangerous foe. Combining his abilities with his close combat makes him a formidable foe.


Keith relies on his abilities and his fighting skill to use his hand to hand combat. If his movement is restricted, he seems to have a lot of difficult when fighting. He is at a disadvantage to weapon users, as he has no way of being able to block his attacks. He is technically powerless against weapon users. Like all other mortals, he is weak to bullets and other normal means.


  • Stats must not be above 99.

Strength:60 - Keith is a strong fighter, making him an formidable foe.

Defence: 40 - Keith's defence is rather low. Making him able to take damage easier.

Speed: 70 - Keith is faster than average Mobians, being able to dodge attacks easier.

Skill: 40- Keith only knows how to use hand to hand combat and can struggle against armed foes.

Resistance: 30 - Keith's ability is resist attacks is extremely low.

Vision: Average - His Vision is above average, him not being to see more than average Mobians.

Hearing: Average - His Hearing is also average.

Smell: Average - His Smell is average, despite being part Wolf.



  • Knight The Lancer - Knight is Keith's best friend and partner when they go to fight or do important things.
  • Skyler The Hedgehog - Skyler is Keith's older brother, that he looks up to and respects him. Unlike Keith, Skyler has powers that something Keith is rather jealous of.


  • Dragonor The Hedgeiagla - Dragonor is Keith's greatest rival, those two have fought against each other. Keith is known to have lost multiple times and strives to be stronger than Dragonor.



  • Keith is one of Metal's first ever characters to be created. The second was Dragonor which was known to be Keith's rival.