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Frost Cavern
Basic Information

Frost Cavern

Other Names

Frozen Cave, Dragon's Lair

Type of Location

Mobian/Human, inhabitable by life without Cold resistance/immunity


Winter Climate,


Rocky, filled with Ice




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Frost Cavern is a small, ice filled cave north east of Central City. It gets it's name from it being filled with never melting ice, which is used as a material. So far, Metal is the only person to live there.

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The ecology is very different compared to normal places. The cave itself is mostly rock and ice, and so far no plants have successfully grown. The ice is used as material to craft swords and other weaponry, and there has been a few ore deposits been found.


The cave is quite large, and has freezing temperatures, like a winter climate. The common weather is 32°F but it can get colder than that very quickly. It is normally inhabitable for normal mobians and humans without them having some sort of immunity or resistance to the cold.


Significant PopulationsEdit

So far, Metal is the only one to live here, because of the inhabitable conditions. It is known Metal has been the only one of the only two to live there, the other being an dragon.