This is an article about Ember the Leopard, a character created by BlazingLeopard on 09/19/2013.

Ember the Leopard is a 15 year old anthropomorphic leopard and is BlazingLeopard's fursona. Ember is also one of the main protagonists in BlazingLeopard's universe.



As a child, Ember would constantly go outside and play with his friends. He would also occasionally play video games when his friends weren't around. Ember also often got into pointless squabbles with his sister that his mother or father would have to sort out.

However, as time moved on, he began going outside less and began playing video games a lot more, even up to the point of becoming a "pro gamer". By his early teens he was playing video games for at least eight hours a day and also lost a small amount of weight due to this, nothing life threatening though.

At the age of 14 he was playing in small video game leagues and by this point, his parents, his mother especially, were getting worried about him. They had noticed the weight loss and did not like the slowly increasing time he spent playing video games everyday. To counter this, Ember was given a time limit of six hours of gaming a day and he was also given slightly bigger portions to eat.

At 15, Ember was starting to decide what career path he wanted to take. When he had started choosing, his parents disallowed him from choosing to take part in video game pro circuits, to which Ember was a little bit upset about, but at this point he had started to lose interest in gaming since it was all becoming repetitive.

Autumn BreakEdit

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For the most part, his body is covered in ginger fur. His muzzle is white along with his chest fur and the tip of his tail. His hair, not unlike the rest of his body, is also ginger, with a cowlick on the front left side of his head. His eyes are blue, which is odd for most ginger furred creatures. He usually tends to wear navy blue straight fit jeans, a short sleaved, dark grey sports shirt with two vertical silver stripes on the left and right side of the torso and two green stripes going down each sleave, and a pair of blue-grey trainers with white soles and stripes on the side.


Ember is a jolly, yet serious person who tends to stay quiet when he isn't needed. He also likes to think things through, carefully choosing what action he wishes to take during a conversation or an encounter. He sometimes also gets shy when talking to certain people because of this. Since he was a child, Ember has always been polite when directly talking to someone and always treats people with the respect they deserve, be it with full respect or none at all. He can also easily tell if something is wrong. For example, if someone is acting differently to how they would usually are, he would know.

Skills, Abilities and PowersEdit

As a result of his countless hours of playing video games, Ember has become what he and some other call a "pro gamer". This means that his reaction time and careful thinking in video games is somewhat excellent. He can also bring these two skills into real life situations. For example, during lessons in school, he thinks carefully about what he wants to write, before he actually writes it. He is also very good at dodging balls in football (soccer), however he is not very accurate when shooting, passing, throwing etc.

Ember doesn't have any special abilities to note. However, this is compensated by the fact that he had gained pyrokinetic powers from the Fire Warrior Stone in Soleanna. His awareness of him having pyrokinetic powers is still unknown to him and many others.



  • Astrid the Fox - The two have been friends since they were children, but the more Astrid leaves, the more their friendship grows apart.
  • Zion "Grail" Bannonwave - The two are friends and Zion likes to kid around with Ember a lot.
  • James Hedgefox - James and Ember haven't spoken to each other much, but they do consider each other friends.


  • Voltric The Seeker - After the way he treated Ember, Voltric is lucky that he's alive.
  • Mortis Machina (Non-Canon) - Ember doesn't know much about these strange machines, besides the fact that they have been programed to kill.



  • "You just got owned!" - Achieving an S Rank.
  • "Now that was fun." - Achieving an A Rank.
  • "Good enough." - Achieving a B Rank.
  • "Not my best." - Achieving a C Rank.
  • "That was bad... really, really bad..." - Achieving a D Rank.
  • "Okay, that was just plain bull crap!" - Achieving an E Rank.
  • "I resisted. I resisted defeat. I do like my life, and I'm not ending I here." - Ember to Voltric after the fight in the Soleanna Forest in The Race Against Time.





  • Ember got his name from the word blazing or blaze, which means a brilliant fire. Fire creates Embers. (I don't know if explained that too well.)
  • His birthday (funnily enough) is on the same day as his creator's, September 11th.
  • Ember gets his nerdy side from his father and his politeness from his mother. It still remains unknown why he is so timid towards strangers.
  • Ember has an odd taste in music compared to most modern teenagers. He usually like instrumental music and sometimes rock. He despises dubstep and death metal.
  • Ember has been redone and changed around 3 times so far.
  • Ember's heavy interest in gaming originated from his father owning a game console.