David The Echidna is

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An echidna of above-average height, with red fur streaked with black along his dreadlocks, and fierce red eyes, David gives appearance of a career soldier, especially with his thick jaw and bulky muscles. He has two short ivory-tone horns on his forehead, hinting at his ancestry, but he honestly has no clue what said ancestry is.


While on-duty, David wears the same uniform as the other soldiers in his unit. While off-duty, however, he normally dresses in a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of black trainers made unique by a pink flame design.



While not the most notable soldier in the army, David serves as a rocket-armed fighter, using an experimental SK500 Airburst Rocket Launcher, produced by a Mobian company, Stauten-Krauzach. This launcher uses a variety of different types of rocket to take out armor and damage structures, with all rockets sharing one property - they explode before hitting the target, causing more damage through the pressure wave than an impact would otherwise. At least, that's the theory.

As a side factor to his skill with the rocket, his only other combat method is his hand-to-hand combat, and his aerokinesis. While unable to fly through it's use, David has been known to use it to enhance his punches, or to defend himself from opponents in close-range.

Unusually, David has no ability to swim, and as such has a weakness to Water-techniques borne of fear, while he has trouble switching straight from using his rocket launcher to hand-to-hand combat, as the weapon is a prototype it is unknown if it could be damaged by being dropped. Like most other soldiers armed with rocket launchers, any vehicle with point-defense weaponry or particle shielding can render these rockets useless, and in turn leave the soldiers as dead weight to their teams.

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