This is an article about Crusher The Wildcat, a character created by Metal.

Crusher is a twenty six year old Wildcat, who was known as a soldier of G.U.N before his death. He was one of the first Mobians that Raiden experimented on, and that allowed him to be able to become strong enough to lift up 500 kilograms (500kg) and break through iron. He was killed by Metal from the hybrid's fury, as he found that the Wildcat was working for G.U.N, afterwards, Metal escapes from Raiden's building and kills the Wildcat from lying to him.



Crusher is a Wildcat, and looks to be twenty six years old. He appears to be the height of around three foot four (3"4) and about the weight of sixty seven kilogram (67kg). His body is physically built, and musuclar, fit and thin.  His fur is short, dense and water resistant. His fur is a brown colour that has dark brown stripes go down his back on the top of his head. He has has piercing yellow eyes, and  has a white muzzle. His tail is about average length and has a three dark brown stripes on it. The stripes are located on the top of his tail, the middle of his tail and the start of his tail. 


Crusher regularly wears a black helmet with a built in visor, that is coloured a white colour and has a built in mic into it. He wears a black armored bullet proof vest, with a scarf round his arm, showing the G.U.N logo on it, and elbow pads. He wears a utility over his vest, and around his waist, with two pouches on the one on his chest, and two on each side on the one around his waist. He wears black pants, with knee guards, as well as black combat boots. Crusher is known to wear a pair of black metal gloves, to save himself from being injured. He has a pistol holster on his utility belt, as well as a modified rifle that is strapped onto his back. Crusher is known to have various grenades and ammo in his pouches, the ammo used for backup incase his ammo goes too low, and his grenades used for close range situations.

Items currently in Possession:Edit

  • Bulletproof Armour:
  • Bulletproof Helmet:
  • Grenades:
    • Electromagnetic Pulse Grenades:
    • Incendiary Grenades:
    • Standard Issue Grenades:
    • Cyro Grenades:
  • Modified Rifle:
  • Handgun:

Background Story:Edit

Unstarted. I will write the background story after I get an Idea of how to write it. Ideas will be appreciated.



Peak Human Strength:Edit

Due to Crusher being experimented on by Raiden, he gained the ability the ability to lift up to 500kg.