General BackgroundEdit


Cole has a black and yellow t-shirt, with Black Cargo pants, he has a sling bag where he keeps his melee weapon "The Amp" strapped to it. He has a scar on his right side of his face and wears sports shoes. His muzzle is grey, his eyes green and his fur being brown.



Electrokinesis gives Cole the ability to channel lightning in and out of his body, while the Electromagnetism allows him to use electricity to generate magnetic and anti-magnetic effects. He can charge himself with energy as he falls, creating a powerful explosion (Thunder Drop). Cole is able to to use hand to hand combat effectively and can greatly increase the damage he can inflict by charging both of his arms with electricity (Gigawatt Blades). After absorbing electricity from a nearby electric source he is able to fire a bolt of lightning of his hands at the enemy (Lightning Bolt).


  • Thunder Drop:Creates a large explosion out of electric energy when being able to jump down from a height.
  • Gigawatt Blades:Cole charges it arms with electrical energy and does melee on the enemy.
  • Lightning Bolt:After being charged with electrical energy from a nearby electric source, he is able to fire a bolt of lightning at the enemy.
  • Overload Burst:Cole concentrates a massive amount of energy in a single bolt.
  • Shock Grenades:He charges up electrical energy and throws in a grenade which explodes on impact.
  • Megawatt Hammer:Fires a amount of concentrated energy that explodes on impact.
  • Electromagnetic Shockwave:Generates a shockwave made out of Electric Energy.
  • Static Thrusters:
  • Induction Grind:
  • Polarity Wall:
  • Lightning Storm:


  • Attacks:
    • Napalm Grenade: A Pyrokinetic Grenade that explodes on impact.


Other PowersEdit

Cole with his enchanced strength, is able to fall from a building without hurting himself.



Cole has some weakness, one of them being he can't use guns. Cole is able to store electricity in and out of his body, though this comes from a different power source. However when out of energy he is only limited to certain powers. He can react to the energy in the area, however if energy is absent he becomes weaker. Another one is that he can't go in water, he can't go in a large area of water. If he does so it will electrocute him. Cole is only able to stand in a samll puddle of water, althrough this causes the puddle to create a static field, electrocuting anyone other than Cole that stands in it.