Christina the HedgeCat is a character created by Darkest Shadow. Christina works her own boutique which also doubles as her house owned from Lili the Cat. She is the younger sister of Lina the Hedgehog and daughter of Carly the Cat and Gold the Hedgehog as well. She is also the boyfriend of Cole the Echidna and best friends of Alexis the Fox and Michelle the Cat. She is also a student of Lili the Cat for Street Fighting, and Michelle the Cat for gymnastics. Most people acknowledge and look up upon her for her beauty, altruism and her wise thoughts.
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Christina probably had the least amount of changes than anyone. She started out as an Amy recolor and a sketch. At that point, her name was Christie. Her hair was also much different. Christie also knew pyrokinesis. As an Amy recolor, her dress was shorter and had sleeves. She also had absolutely no fur on her body. Her trademark weapon, was as it is known of today: The Beauty Javelin.

After Christie was finalized, she was redesigned. Her red dress was much longer, and had no sleeves. She also had a simpler hairstyle. Later on she had her very popular SOBS outfit. Her hairstyle was just like her original design, she wore something a bit more cute. Her pyrokinesis was replaced with flower and crystal powers and she kept her javelin.

However, during season 3, Christina was majorly changed. Her hairstyle was even more complex, and was a more brilliant yellow color. However, when she wasn't in her winter clothes, her pale golden color is seen again.

Pianoteen based his Girls World outfit from a formerly popular outfit on moviestarplanet. She had a much simpler hairstyle and a much more complicated outfit. Her voice actor was also changed from Michele Knotz to Jamie Lynn Spears, to make her sound a bit older. Also, Christina now can have singing roles as well as her regular roles.

General InfoEdit


Christina Sabrina Transon is a hedgecat living on 17 Cherrytree Lane. She lives currently in the MCA with her best friend and roomate, Alexis Petals. She also has another best friend: Michelle the Cat. The three of them love to hang out and go to the mall together. Before moving to the MCA, Christina lived with her mother (Carly), her older sister (Lina), her stepfather (Tempest), her older stepbrother (Storm) and her younger stepsister (Emerald).

She has a non-stop hardworking career and job as the only employee and founder of her very own boutique in her basement. It's a hard job to make dresses and sell them. She actually enjoys spending time making outfits like shirts, daisy-dukes, skirts, dresses and even tuxedos! Her love for fashion is quite obvious as she puts up posters of her best work up on her "Featured Design" list
Christina Fancy by Stella

Her life isn't all about fashion. She also enjoys doing gymnastics getting trained by her best friend, Michelle. She also is getting trained by Lili the Cat in Monegasque Gymnastic Street Fighting.


Early LifeEdit


Christina was the second child of Carly and Gold. Her sister Lina was teaching Christina all she knows She was inspired by her mother to become a fashion model. She always tried on clothes to impress her parents and ride the road to fashion fame when she grows older. Carly reminds her daughter that she's beautiful the way she is.

=First PageantEdit

When Christina was 3 years old, Carly entered Christina in her first ever pagent. Many of her peers inspired her to become a model as she went on the path to fashion fame. However, Carly and Gold divorced. So in turn, Christina and her older sister had to live with her mom from fall through spring and move in with her dad every summer.

Christina's First FriendEdit

In her years of pre-school, Christina meet her best friend, Alexis the Fox. They used to always have little play dates and spend lots of time together. Her mom was still trying to search for a new man to marry.

Becoming a ModelEdit

At the age of 7, Christina became a fashionista and almost everybody started to encourage her to sign up for a fashion competition. Every Friday, people would chant "Chris-tin-a! Chris-tin-a! Chris-tin-a!" nonstop. Also, Carly remarried a new face, Tempest the Hedgehog and Christina asked her if the two should ever move in.

When Christina was 9, she finally took her peer's advice and became a fashion model. That's when she meet her arch nemesis, Mimi. After a while, Christina became the beauty of her elementary school and gave her city lots of money.

Meeting SebastianEdit

That's when she meet a young gentleman named Sebastian. Christina started dating Sebastian and their relationship was growing.

Meeting David and KrysEdit

A year later, she meet a boy named David. He was nice and always had her back. They weren't dating but they considered each other very close friends. Also, she meet a pretty, high-skilled "wizard" named Krys. She was on Team Fashion with her nemesis, but the two had a secret close friendship as well.

Middle School YearsEdit

Meeting MichelleEdit

Three years went past as Christina started to live a normal life and she is now twelve. When she first started middle school, she meet a super, athletic cat named Michelle. Later on the two became best friends. Then, Michelle encouraged Christina to try to become a gymnast like her. From their, Christina became her first gymnastics student.

What do I do with Sebastian?Edit

Sebastian was really nice to Christina, but she does too much for him. She didn't know what to do... She started to date him a little longer... Also, her stepfather meet her real dad and they hung out and put him over his stepchildren.

One on FourEdit

Christie, and Team Fashion's relationship (Except for Krys) has gotten worse each competition. Alexis mostly appears at most of her competitions but she doesn't have as much beauty. On the other hand, Krys wants to just quit the team and have some beauty competitions together. However Mimi doesn't allow it because she is self-proclaimed the most beautiful (It was actually Krys) model in the whole group and Christie doesn't like it one bit. After a few months Krys stood up for Christie and got banned from Team Fashion.

Meeting ColeEdit

Christina and Sebastian broke up, due to the fact he was a bit to mannered. Michelle offered an idea of speedating to see who'd date her. Lots of guys passed by.... until she found her "Prince Charming", once again Cole the Echidna. The two feel deeply in love, and from their, it only grew. The two vowed to only spend their time together.

Thats what best friends do bestEdit

The Best Friendship bond between Christie and Krys was like no other. Though Krys was kicked out of Team Fashion, she joined Christie's group. On the day of the Grand Pagent, Alexis skipped her minor concert to sign up for Christie's Team. After an outstanding display of friendship, Alexis made it to the top with her floral dress. Christie then walked the catwalk nervously and got an excellent display as top model.

Meeting AlyssaEdit

Christie was introduced to Alyssa by Alexis two days after "Meet-a-fan Day". When introduced, Alyssa demonstrated her dance skills to Christie. Though she did complement saying, "You look pretty Christina!". But Rumor has it that Christie might have Alyssa be the cute member of her fashion fanatic team. Or maybe, of course, she'd be on Team Fashion because she wouldn't know any better. Will Christie be able to convince Alyssa not to hang out with them?

A little let-downEdit

At the Junior Fashion Cup, Christina has been paried with Mimi for the action. She boasted that she'd rather die than to compete with Christina. When they faced off against Chloe the Cow, and Krys the Unicorn, Christina was the only one who looked beautiful, smart and determined, while Mimi, dressed terribly to make her team proud. But Mimi forgot that if you lose both players leave, not just one.

Mother VS DaughterEdit

At the Fashion Grand Festival, Christina has beaten rivals Sasha, Mimi, Angelina, and others. At the final exhibition match, she was up against none other than Carly, her mother! Carly stated that just because Christina was her daughter didn't mean she was going to go easy. This made her nervous. Christina tried to stay calm and pretend to picture her mother as another rival. This didn't go well though. Carly used her pyrokinesis to add a tinch of red to her dress. She got a roar from the crowd. This is when Christina learned how to use Florokinesis, Solarkinesis, and Crystalkinesis. This gave her a major against Carly's beauty. At the end of the battle, Christina left the stage as champion. She won against her mother which was a very hard accomplishment.

The way to be famous is friendship!Edit

Today was the day Michelle was going to be starring in a new movie "The Princess and the Porcupine". She set her alarm clock for 6:00 AM, and boy was she exhausted! She had a quick bowl of cereal, threw on some clothes and ran out of the house. Michelle called her to design an outfit. So Christina got on her bicycle and headed to Uptown Mariala.

When she arrived at the "Spotlight Studio and Theatre", she raced to the dressing room. She meet Alexis there. It was said that she got a call do help with the hair. Also she was the "Sound Girl" of the film. So Christina took out her bag, got some fabric, leather, wool, died deer skin, ribbons, bows, scissors, glue, paint, and a brush. Kester's Mold of Michelle and a manquien were her tests. She got out her sketch book and her how-to-guide. It can be viewed to publicity:

How to design an outfit, worded in Christina's Design Book.Edit

Hi Everyone! It's Christina! Here's a step by step guide on how to deisgn clothes for a film starring my best friend. You'll need

  • A manquien
  • Scissors
  • Leather
  • Fabric
  • Wool
  • Ribbons
  • Bows
  • A paint Brush
  • Deer Skin
  • A sewing machine
  • Denim
  • A testing mold

Here's how to make Michelle's outfit! Yay!

  1. Take the manquien.
  2. Get some leather.
  3. If it's not it already, cut the leather to make it look like long gloves.
  4. Take your fabric and carefully cut it.
  5. The cut should look like a shirt.
  6. Take the brush and paint it blue.
  7. Take some ribbon, and make a ribbon behind the back.
  8. Take the brush and paint it light blue.
  9. To make the user not feel uncomforatable add deer skin under the shirt, make it as thin as paper!
  10. Now to make the bottom half take more blue fabric and paint it the same blue as the shirt.
  11. Now take the sewing machine and make wool shorts to make the user feel comfortable.
  12. Take some fabric and paint it gray.
  13. Now fold it but don't kink it! It now looks like boots!
  14. Take the bow and paint it light blue.
  15. On the bottom of the skirt, take some denim and make some ruffles.
  16. Now sew the outfit together.
  17. Test it on the Manquien
  18. Boom! Ya have her outfit :)

Michelle liked the outfit Christina made and asked to nominate it in the "Designer Starz" Studio Pagent. She happily accepted her request and nominated Michelle's clothing!

Getting into the MCAEdit

Christina's Middle School Years ended. She then found out about a new Academy-like High School that connects Mariala City, Tamaruin City, and Beach Cove City! All of her friends were going there, and she wanted to go there too. Christina's mom and dad went on to a long-term vacation, so she needed Lina's approval.

After Lina accepted, she met up with Alexis and her friends. However, there was just one little problem.... they had to get accepted into the school. They had to show off how talented they were.

When it was Christina's turn, she put on an amazing show. She announced her talent: Fashion modeling. She brought her changing curtain and modeled a lot of her favorite, and famous designs. Everyone simply loved her, and she got accepted.

Alternate HistoryEdit

Domestic Radical Adventures StorylineEdit

Christina doesn't appear in the series very often. She showed many times in the original start of the series as a recurring charcter in about 16 episodes. Later on in the next season, she appeared a few times. In Domestic Radical Pokemon, she appeared in the middle of the series for a few episodes in a row. In both of the next two seasons, Christina appeared a lot of times as cameos, and a handful of times as the main character.

Christina happens to be an ice skater as well, she competed in the Ice Skating Grand Festival, but didn't get past the second round. She also made great friends with Louis, Marmalade and Emma. In this series, she is seen with many different outfits. In this series, she is much more sweet.

Team Candlelight StorylineEdit

Christina is the head of Team Candlelight. She is on the team along with Nikki, Queen Silvia, Stella, Valencia, and Glinda. The six of them gone on many missions together. Sometimes they would even risk their own lives to save people.

Christina isn't very different from the main universe, except she seems to be a little less passionate about fashion and mroe concered about keeping her friendships with her friends.

Tales of Echo StorylineEdit

Christina is a frequently recurring character in this series. In this series, she is decipted as Neo's cousin by blood, which was first introduced when they were in a cave. At first this was only a theory, but then the theory was proved real because her mom was a chao-born. Much more about this is learned into a whole episode dedicated to finding out who Neo's parents were.

In this series, Christina appears to have acquired a new super form: The Glitter Form. It makes her whole body shine without her having to sing her melody.

Christina doesn't have any differences with her main counterpart.


Christina is very altruistic. She doesn't brag or rub things in other peoples faces if she wins a race. Instead, she would rather be a good sport and shake their hand. This would make her seem like a friendly opponent, which is why so many people are waiting to have some sort of competition with her. When someone proclaims Christina to be "the best" or "better than anyone else", instead of saying "thank you", she'd say "I'm not better than anyone else". She would consider everyone to be perfect in their own ways and accept them for who they are, and what they do. Wherever she goes, even though she doesn't get this alot, a fan would usually come up and ask her for her autograph. She'd sign it and thank the person for stopping by for an auto.

Lots of things Christina say always brighten the mood. She tries to encourage people who are sad an shows empathy towards the ones who are feeling down. Most of the cases that Christina comes across are scenarios that she experienced for herself. To help make them feel better, she'd try to take a walk with them around a place until they finally try to realize that it's all okay and there's no more need to feel upset. Later on, she'd do something that would lighten up their mood.

Also, Christina oftenly makes smart remarks. Some of the things she tells her friends may not make that much sense to them, but they will understand soon. Some of these remarks are the ones that nobody would bother to listen too. However, there's a side of her opinions and heart which contrasts from this. She sometimes might break rules and then get away with it saying that it's not a law or a rule, but a forgotten policy that nobody even listens to in the first place.

If something bad happens to her friends or someone she cares about very much, she would feel really scared. However, instead of conflicting with the person who did this to her friend, she checks up on him or her first. If she is able to, she could talk her out of it. However, if she is out of words and has ran out of things to say because of a mean remark, she would run home crying.

Val and Christie Gift

Making sure her friend's hair is all nice and tidy.

Christina is also sometimes concered about fashion. Everyday when she wakes up, she would always fix up her bedhead, which she absolutely hates to have. She also has the intelligence of knowing which clothes go with which. If somebody were to shoot a camera on her for a video or picture, she'd double check to see if everything is fine. She also tries to get in a lot of trips to the mall to by some fresh new clothes and outfits that her friends would find trendy.

When Christina gets angry, it's definetly not pretty. At this rate, she's already tried to reason with her opponents, but nobody would agree with her. She has to resort to her weapons, such as the beauty javelin, her street fighting, gymnastics, nature manipulation, and crystal manipulation. She would probably fight them. If they get hurt, then she'd try to retain her calmness and become her old self. She'd check up on the person for any wounds or bleeding body parts and do what she can to make the pain go away.

Physical DescriptionEdit


Christina currently stands at 3 feet and 4 inches tall. She has a pale golden colored fur. Her hair is straight goes down below her waist. She also has pink eyes, which sometimes turns a bit red when she cries. Her skin underneath her fur is peach. She has no fur on her arms, and fur covering her tummy. Her eyes are not connected, and they are pretty big. She has two eyelashes on each side. Her tail is cut short, which would usually be the size of a regular cat's. During the winter, her fur and hair become more vibrant/brilliant. She also got a haircut to keep her fur even warmer.


Currently, Christina wears a black and white horizantal and thick stripped top. She a pink sleeve with two parallel thin stripes. This is attached on her left sleeve. Along with this, she wears a blue tie around her neck. On her left arm, she wears a bracelet made entirely out of pearls. She wears a pink skirt with a white polka-dot pattern on it. For her footwear, she wears crystal sandals that go up to her knees. Like her bracelet, her sandals can glow. As a litle accessory to complete her outfit, Christina wears a white circle pin with pink feather-like ribbon in her hair.

Former attireEdit

In the past, Christina wore a maroon-red thick-sleeved shirt. As a form of a necklace, she wears a pink color that covers up her enteire neck. She also wears a pink skirt with pointy ends. She also has two pairs of shoes. One consists of just plain paler pink boots. The other consists of pink socks, and purple shoes with two white buttons on them.

Game HistoryEdit

Christina the HedgehogEdit

This 16-bit game is where Christina makes her debut. She needs to save her friends from Dr. Eggman to save them from mind-control. She starts off at Mild Wild Zone to set off. As courageous as she is, she is stopped multiple times by her arch rivals besides him.


Starting a new adventure.Edit

Christina makes her excellent quality appearance in Downtown Teenage Adventures. She has her own story to play. In this game she needs to stop along with her friends, to stop the Evil Dr. Eggman to take control and making Mariala City a new addition to the Eggman Empire. Failing to do so, Christina and her friends fight Dr. Eggman himself for independence not only for Mariala City, but as well for all the poor slaves of the Empire.


"Mayor bob, are you alright?"

"When it comes to this, I rule" (S Rank)

"Yay! I did it!" A Rank)

"Awesome!" (B Rank)

"Aww, Sweet!" (C Rank)

"Not what I was expecting.... (D Rank)

"For the love of my mom!" (E Rank)

"Dammit!" (F Rank)

"No big deal!"

Fast, but still beautiful!Edit

Christina is accepted into the Grand Prix as a World Class Extreme Gearist. Her alone, she makes her great apperance in Sonic Riders- Quick Fast. She is an unlockable character and enters with one of her trademark birds: The Fast Fashion. In order to unlock this one worth it character. You need to win the Rose grand prix.


"Bring it!" (Being selected and at the beginning of the race.)

"I did more than great!" (Winning a race)

"Why you..." (Losing a race)

Mariala PartyEdit

Christina can be selected right off of the bat and play in the Story Mode, but the whole story revolves around Alexis.


"Tehe!" (After being selected)

"Yes! I am the SUPERSTAR!" (After winning)

"Spectacular!" (After receiving a star)

"Dang it!" (After losing a star)

Alexis & Olympic FunEdit

Christina is playable in all modes except Story Mode for the 3DS version. In this version, she can be unlocked in the olympic arena in the Aquatics Section.


"I'm all you need!"

"The Best there is and ever will be!" (Winning First Place)

"I still did great!" (Winning Second or Third)

"It's over?Aww!" (Winning Fourth Place)

Mariala Tekken TournamentEdit

Christina is already playable on the start menu.


"Let's have a fair match!" (Quote 1 out of 3)

"Hi there. I'm Christina. I'd be happy to fight you and win." (Quoe 2 out of 3)

"Good luck! I'm sure you'll need it!" (Quote 3 out of 3)

Roleplay AppearancesEdit

Lost in the Night-In this roleplay, she makes her first appearance. She doesn't talk that much in the roleplay.

Missing Mobians- In this roleplay, Millie tells Irma that Christina has done "awful things" to GUN. Her goal is trying to find Michelle and Alyssa with her two best friends. Will she die? She is bored watching the battles between them and has an odd feeling that they are after her. Later and bravely, Christina runs off and tries to score her goal in rescuing her best friends. After she got rescued, a bunch of GUN soldiers encountered her as one by one, they all died.

High School Horror- In this roleplay, Christina is another one of the main protagonists and gets pranked from other things.

That Spoiled Brat... In this roleplay, she is a supporting character who is pranked. She is watching the Pokemon Contest as well.

The Drama Queen- In this roleplay, she is the second main protagonist. She along with Krys, Emily and others try to stop Mimi from harassing the whole school by complaining that she needs "Help".

Mysteries at the Mansion- In this roleplay, Christina is at a mansion that Krys founded. She is also another person under the mind control of the evil Mimi the Cat!

The Prom Night- In this roleplay, the Imposter Gabriella tricks everyone including Christina that she is Gabriella. Later on, Gabriella steals Christina's boyfriend as the two rapidly age to get married. Christina is also trapped by the Imposter and finds the real Gabriella. Later on she reunites with her boyfriend and watches the Imposter turn into Mimi and see a real fight!

Strange Cyberspace- In this roleplay, she is in a cyberspace with her friends. Total Drama Mobius In this roleplay she is on Team Dimension and her goal is to vote off Silver before he votes her out. Once the teams merge, might try to form an alliance with Alexis, Michelle, Alyssa, and Candlelight called "Zakhora".

A Trip to Equestria- In this roleplay, she appears as her earth pony counterpart, Crystal Treetop. She helps to find a way back to her home planet.

Party At Sorrento...... Sorta (That Spoiled Brat 2)- In this roleplay, Christina returns to the Sorrento Town Hotel and hopes that her or her friends don't get pranked.

Confrontation- Christina makes another appearance in this roleplay.

Survival- In this roleplay,her along with Alexis, Michelle and Krys are in a killer game. After Mia "died", something happened with Christina and she wanted to keep it personal! Krys showed her an awkward bedroom. Christina stayed up there without Krys noticing and found Alexis. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she took the knife and "killed" her. She then hid in a black sheet. As of now she is with Vanessa

Date Night- In this roleplay, she was invited to the fanciest restaurant in town with her boyfriend, Cole.

Battle for Aselia- Christina makes an appearance when Neo excalims something and brings Krys along too. They go down and start a journey. When Zero wanted to save somebody, Christina was on his side and choose to go downstairs to rescue him, while Krys went upstairs to save Aselia. The two split paths for now.

Sonigals Week in Mariala City- She makes an appearance in the first part of the roleplay when she hears Cassie felt weird. Alongside her were Cyclone and Jewell.

Veteran's Challenge- She appears in this roleplay as well, but hasn't been matched up yet.

Anime AppearancesEdit

Downtown Teenage AdventuresEdit

She was one of the first introduced characters in the first episodes. Her current BFFs are Alexis, Michelle, and Amy.

Stars on Broadway Street!Edit

She came back to the next series with a totally new outfit. She competes in many pageants in this series. She also meets new characters and became the humble owner of Sunshine Gardens.

Winter Wonderland!Edit

Christina returns in the same outfit for a short amount of time and then gets a complete makeover. She competes in pageants and learns many things.

Girls WorldEdit

Christina gets accepted into the MCA after her parents moved away and her new roommate is none other than Alexis.

Interviews with ChristinaEdit

Main InterviewEdit

Q: When you design, how long does it take you?

A: Well it depends on what kind of outfit I'm making and who I'm making it for. If it's a simple dress for a polite person it should take no less than an hour. If it's a rude person with a very detailed and dictated outfit, I dunno, a week?

Q: Did Cole ever try to design clothes with you?

A: Well one time I asked him to, but of course he had to deal with David and another stupid "Swag Fest".

Q: Out of Alexis, Michelle, and Alyssa, who is your bestest best friend?

A: Well honestly I've gotta say Alexis because she's a trusting person, she's always there when I need her, we spectate and support each other, and we just like hanging out. Alyssa I barely know, I mean she's only a fan. Michelle I did know for a very long time but she wasn't that close.....

Q: How did you feel competing against your own mother in the Fashion Grand Festival?

A: Well I gotta admit I was sure shocked that she made it to the finals in the first place. Well, yeah I know that she's a multi-tasker, but my mom? I mean my god! How could she handle all these things?!

Q: Would you consider yourself as Mariala City's most important hero?

A: Of course not! I'm like a secondary hero. I mean look at Michelle. She's young...... She's extremely fit........ She's brave, I mean she has all the qualities of a hero. And Alexis. She's brave...... she's strong...... she's determined....... and me. I'm flexible...... I'm pretty....... but I'm a doormat around people I don't want to hurt, on the other hand, I'm a badass chick.

Q: With your stepdad how did you feel?

A: Well, here's the thing. Gold, my original father who made me, was a much better dad than my stepdad. The only reason why I don't like him is because he puts his friends over his family and it hurt Lina, Emerald, Storm and me so much.

Fashion Festival Pageant InterviewEdit

Interviewer: I am here with the winner of the Fashion Festival, Christina! Also with the finalist: Carly, and the semi finalists: Krys and Sasha! How do you feel Christina?

Christina: Well, I feel *Gets shoved*

Mimi: Listen up people of this stupid planet! I SHOULD OF WON THE CUP! DAWN STOLE MY IDEA! *Gets shoved*

Krys: Sorry about that everyone...

Christina: As I was saying, it hasn't sunken in to me yet, I wish everyone could of won.... except Mimi.... just kidding! Her too!

Krys: That's so sweet!

Carly: My little girl!

Sasha: Thanks Christina!

Theme SongEdit

File:Selena Gomez - Naturally

Abilities and PowersEdit

General SkillsEdit

Christina's trademark ability is to design and model for clothing. Her beauty wins her ribbons in pageants and her designs get her in magazines and make other people buy her clothes. She learned about fashion from her mother, who was a former beauty model and designer herself. Right now she is a very experienced designer in "Designer Starz".

Christina has gymnastic and acrobatic skills a level 7 gymnast would have. She uses these skills not only for Michelle's Training, but to fight evil as well. She was trained along with Gabriella by Michelle to learn all the gymnastic events to fight evil and get a 10 from the judges.
File:Christina Anime.jpg

Beauty JavelinEdit

Main Article: Beauty Javelin

Christina's trademark weapon is the Beauty Javelin. She can easily pull it out of hammerspace to use. She can use this weapon in many variations. She usually uses it for competitve purposes. She also uses it for fighting evil, evading attacks, a bat, an arrow etc. etc.

Fighting AbilitiesEdit

Christina was also seen to have some skills in a type of fighting style called "Monegasque Gymnastic Street Fighting". She was trained by Lili the Cat and is so far only a student in this fighting style.

She also uses her javelin as a baton to counter attacks and spins it to defend herself. She also uses it as a bat for attacking others.

Christina learned how to Homing Attack as it was shown in Roleplay:Missing Mobians.

Elemental AbilitiesEdit

Christina learned nature manipulation by herself. She can grow vines and plants with ease but doesn't do it for growing plants at Sunshine Gardens or anything. She could also use petals to make a shield.

Christina's mom knew Crystalkinetics and was born with it. She could control crystals with ease to create a crystal tornado or a crystal ball etc. etc.

Unusual PowersEdit

Christina has one very odd power. It's not magic or something taught. She got it from birth. When she sings a certain melody, her hair shines a beautiful golden color but fades away when the song ends. This could be very useful when people try to see in the dark and her hair is able to make the cave light up. It's bad because it could wake a bear or deadly creature up from a sleep but it could also be a lullaby.

Super FormsEdit

Christina, has one form and is only able to transform into it by using a certain type of ring. During transformation, a ribbon surrounds her and she disappears. A bright light will make her reappear. She would look the same except her hair would be shining a brilliant golden color without her having to sing the song. During this form, her nature powers and crystal powers have a better impact, her physical skills stay the same, and she can use unity spear.


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 7
Attack 7
Spcl. Atk 6
Defense 6
Spcl. Def 7
Speed 6
Reflexes 9
Spcl. Ref 7
Psyche 7
Intellect 8
Total 70/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Superior
Hearing Average
Olfactory Average


Relationships with FamilyEdit

Lina the HedgehogEdit

"For a sister, you rock!"

Lina is Christina's older sister. Ever since Carly and Tempest went away with his children and not either of them, Christina doesn't see Lina that often.

Carly the CatEdit

"Mom, you were amazing!"

Carly is Christina's mother. The two interact when Christina returns home. They also are rivals in fashion and compete against each other and see who's prettier.

Gold the HedgehogEdit

"I really miss you dad..."

Gold is Christina's father. They seem to interacted before Carly and Gold divorced. Now they only see each other during the summer.

Tempest the HedgehogEdit

"You can really be a pain sometimes..."

Tempest likes Christina as a stepdaughter, but Christina doesn't really like Tempest as her stepfather. They only see each other for every season except summer.

Neo Tranquil the FoxEdit

"Just because you're a thief definitely doesn't mean you don't have a purpose!"

Neo is Christina's cousin. This was revealed in in an episode of Tales of Echo, when Neo told her a bit about her family history. Apparently, she knows her mom was a chao born.

Relationships with Canon CharactersEdit

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

"Please Shadow! You can do this!"

Shadow and Christina are former flames. Both had interest in other people so they split up. They have interacted in many roleplays and games. Though they broke up, they are still good friends.

Amy RoseEdit

"Thanks Amy! I knew I could count on you."

Amy is Christina's best friend. Though they don't interact a lot. Christina isn't mad about her former flame, Shadow, dating Amy though.

Silver the HedgehogEdit

Main Article: SilvChristina

"What are you doing?"

Silver has a huge crush on Christina and is his self-proclaimed girlfriend. Though he is obsessed with her, she is completely oblivious of it and all of her attention is on Cole.

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

"Well.... I think it's kinda obvious that you're gonna win this race..."

Sonic is one of Christina's inspirations. She looks up to him as a role model and finds him as a very close acquaintance.

Blaze the CatEdit

"Tell me. What did I ever do to you?"

Blaze seems to have hatred for Christina. Christina knows about her hatred, but doesn't understand what caused it and why she hates her.

Relationships with Fanon CharactersEdit

Cole the EchidnaEdit

Main Aritcle: Colristina

"You're the best! I knew dating you was the right decision."

Cole and Christina are right now dating. Unlike Sebastian, Cole isn't the type of guy to be scared of attacks, and let's Christina do all the work. She always looks up upon him for guidence, strength and self-defense.

Sebastian the Fox HybridEdit

"That is IT! We are through! I save you time to time and you couldn't even bother to do ANYTHING for me! You may be royal and all, but the only thing ROYAL about you is that YOU'RE a ROYAL PAIN!!!!!!!"

Sebastian is Christina's former flame. Christina broke up with him and dated Cole because he did absolutely nothing for her and she did everything for him.

Alexis PetalsEdit

"Having friends like you is the best gift I could ever ask for Lexi!"

Main Article: Alexis-Christina Friendship

Alexis is Christina's sister-like best friend and roomate. They interact in every single game and roleplay theyre in together. The two do basically everything as a team and accepts each other for whatever they do or whatever they think. They always have each other's backs and do what real best friends do.

Daniel "Danny" the HedgehogEdit

"You saved my life..... that's the most gallant and brave thing that somebody's ever done for me. Not even Cole would have the guy to do that...."

Main Article: DanRistina

Danny and Christina are very very close friends. They even risk their very own lives to save each other, and their good luck charms. They always put time in their schedules to have fun with each other.

David the HedgeFoxEdit

"Whoelse but David?!"

Main Article: David-Christina Friendship

David the HedgeFox is the closest friend to Christina. Christina meet David in the seventh grade and was her closest friend ever since.

Michelle the CatEdit

"And again, how do expect me to do a double back?"

Michelle the Cat is Christina's other best friend. They meet in her first year of middle school when she saw Michelle with her amazing athleticsm. Michelle and Christina became better friends over the months until they became best friends.

Mimi the CatEdit

"Why do you have to be such a boastful, idiotic, mean brat?!"

Mimi and Christina were enemies ever since she entered her first pageant. They see each other a lot in the anime.

Krys the UnicornEdit

"Is your library supposed to be this big?"

Krys and Christina are rivals in fashion, yet great friends on other occassions. They chat a lot in the anime, but not so much in the roleplays.

Alyssa the DogEdit

"Hehe! She's so cute!"

Alyssa meet Christina on "Meet a Fan Day". They are great friends, but they don't interact a lot.

Candlelight the EchidnaEdit

"You know, out of all my fans, you seem to be the friendliest!"

Candlelight is the closest person according to Christina to becoming her best friend. They see each other twice or three times a month.

Louis RobinsonEdit

"I haven't known you for that long... but you're not a bad fighter."

Louis and Christina good friends. They interact in only a few roleplays, anime, comics and games such as the roleplay, Confrontation and the game, Sonic & Sega All Star Racing-Star Party.

Alexis "Marmalade" HeartswellEdit

"You can't deny you're pretty, but what's a Pokemon Coordinator?"

Marmalade and Christina are acquaintances. They rarely see each other, unless she is with Louis.

Masako HarunoEdit

"Are we.... friends?"

Christina has a one sided friendship with Masako. It is unknown if Masako likes Christina as a friend, but she considers Masako as a friend. They interact in a few roleplays.

Angelina the PorcupineEdit

"Were did you buy your jacket? It's beautiful!"

Angelina and Christina used to be rivals, but later on became close riends. They don't see each other that oten though.

Lili the CatEdit

"You're lending your beautiful mansion to me? That's so sweet of you."

Lili is Christina's Monegasque Gymnastic Street Fightng Coach and a good riend of her's. They usually see each other or trianing purposes;Sometimes they have quality time together.

Listed RelationshipsEdit

Crystal TreetopEdit

Main Article: Crystal Treetop

Crystal Treetop is the Pony name of Christina. She is the element of altruism.

She makes an appearance in Sonic & My Little Pony as one of the main protagonists.

Also, Crystal appers in Roleplay:A trip to Equestria.



Cool Kid Contest (Appealed)

Sleep Contest (Winner)

Gothic Contest (Winner)

Tag Contest (Runner-up)

Summer Contest (Winner)

Winter Contest (Winner)

Gender Contest (Winner)

Mall Contest (Top 8)

Race Contest (Runner-up)

Creative Contest (Winner)

Junior Fashion Cup (Top 4 with Mimi)

City Contest (Winner)

Ally Contest (Runner Up)

Princess Contest (Winner)

Super Form Contest (Top 8)

Pioneer Contest (Winner)

Fighting Contest (Runner-up)

Dancing Contest (Winner)

Fashion Grand Festival (Winner)

Other eventsEdit

Singing Contest (With Alexis) (Winner)

Movie Making Contest (With Michelle) (Winner)

Art Contest (Single) (Runner up)

Dancing Contest (With Alyssa) (Winner)

Wrestling Contest (Single) (Top 4)

Skiing Contest (Single) (Winner)

Figure Skating Contest (With Louis and friends) (Top 16)

Science Contest (With Marmalade) (Winner)

Figure Skating Grand Festival (With Louis and Friends) (Top 64)

Double-Person Ice Skating Competition (With Cole) (Winner)


  • Christina's Voice Actress in the After Years, and her mother, Carly's today are the opposite of the character (Christina: Carly Rae Jepsen; Carly: Christina Aguilera)
  • Christina is the only character created by Pianoteen with no fur on her arms, yet fur covering her tummy.
  • Christina loves to cheer her friends on very loudly, but she is very quiet when talking.
  • Christina symbolizes friendship. When she changed forms and became a pony, her cutie mark had three emeralds, very similar to Rarity's three diamonds.
  • Christina has the most amount of outfits in the anime series with a total of 34 different outfits.
  • Christina is the only characters created by Pianoteen to have a parent that has been divorced.
  • All of Christina's rivals are somewhat talented. (Even Mimi)
  • Christina is the only character created by Pianoteen to have pink eyes.
  • A rock solo similar to the beginning of "I love rock n roll!" played during Christina's final beauty round.
  • Christina hates being called "Tina". That is why Mimi, Jamie and Chloe call her that so often.
  • Christina happens to be the only character created by Pianoteen that Kester never nicknamed.
  • There is a theory called the "Tranquil-Transon Family". This indicates that Neo and Christina somehow might be related. Evidence was first shown in the Mariala Anime in an episode of Winter Wonderland when Carly and her kids take a ride over her grandmothers house for a visit and she finds te book of theory, until Lina caught her. She read the book, but there was a page ripped off. That could contain the information about a relation betwen the Tranquil Family.
    • An example like this was shown in a roleplay, when Neo's body could glow just like Christina's hair. Apparently Neo pointed out thathe was born as a chao, so Christina might have some chao blood running through her family. However, due to Carly and Gold being mobian, she was not chao born.
  • Christina is the main veteran character in Girls World that didn't have a new outfit created by another user.
  • Christina's Fashion Festival Outfit and her look for Girl's World are extremely similar. Except in Girl's World, the tie is different, the shirt she wears has only one sleeve, the black stripes on her shirt design are vertical, and she added a ribbon and a pearl bracelet.


Quotes made by ChristinaEdit

"It's not the end of the world!"

"Which dress do you like? This one, or this one?"

"I gotta get to work, the boutique is getting packed with customers."

"I knew it was you all along, Mimi!"

"♪We are the Mariala Heroes [Hums]"

"Another beautiful day in Sunshine Gardens!" "You need to learn how to embrace your abilities"

"Mimi.... don't you dare...."

Quotes made by others about ChristinaEdit

"You're the best gift I ever received!"_ Alexis

"Let's warm up with a little roundoff back tuck!"_Michelle

"That's it! Remember to point your toes during your thorns!"_Lili

"You're the ugliest wh**** I ever met."_ Mimi


"Now... where were we?"_Mimi

"Don't you dare!"_Christina

"Oh look. It's the ugly dork, Tina!"_Jamie

"Don't call me that!"_Christina

"Help me..."_Wynter

"Leave her alone! She's a defenseless little girl, and we DON'T need BRATS like you girls to be picking on her!!!"

"And just what are you going to do about it? Call your daddy? Oh, that's right. He left you!"_Mimi

"Don't bad-mouth about my father you pile of sh*t!"_Christina

"How does this outfit look?"_Alexis

"Wow! You look amazing!"_Christina

"Lookin good!"_Michelle

"Gee, thanks."_Alexis

"You should really become a model!"_Christina


"Your magic..... it's incredible!"_Christina

"Aww... thanks a lot, Christina."_Krys

"No, really! How did you learn it? I'd really like to know."_Christina

"You don't wanna know..."_Krys

"Yeah I do!"_Christina

"*Sigh* Being magic isn't fun and games. It's lots of hard work and you need to have the intelligence of knowing when to use it only under necessary circumstances. And besides, your crystalkinesis and florokinesis is pretty good for starters, and you don't have a horn. How do you think I learn them, with my hands?"

"That's how I was taught...."_Christina

"Now, let's see your routine!"_Michelle

"Michelle do you really-"_Christina

"Hands on the bar!"_Michelle


"NOW! [Blows whistle]"_Michelle

"They don't even use whistles in gymnastics."_Christina

"Swing.... swing.... kip..... backhip circle-undershoot, longhanger, feet on the bar, DON'T LOSE BALANCE! Jump! Swing.... kip... handstand, giant back..... giant back... pirouette.... giant front.... giant back...... DOUBLE BACK FLYAWAY! What the hell was that?"_Michelle

"What you asked me to do?"_Christina

"Nono.... That was a single. I asked for a double."

"And again, how do you expect me to do a double back?"_Christina

"Christina..... who was the 16th president?"_Michelle

"*Sigh* Babraham Clinclon the Lion....."_Christina

"Did he ever give up?"_Michelle

"Well... no?"_Christina

"Should you give up?"_Michelle



"Then, can I see your double back?"_Christina

"Pfft! I could do TRIPLES in my sleep!"_Michelle

"Prove it..... [5 seconds later[ Woah what?"_Christina