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When she was a child, she lived with her uncle in a run down town with nothing but petty thievery and drunken brawls happening all the time. When she reached the age of 14, she joined an archery club. She loved the way that an arrow can move through the air when launched by the bow. She was very skilled with the bow and quickly became well known for her precision.

About a month later, she was just wandering around Station Square. She had nothing to do and was completely bored. This was all before she heard nearby screaming. So, as she had nothing else to do, Astrid ran in the direction that she heard it come from. Then she heard gunfire, leading her ever closer to the end of her boredom. She reached an alleyway with three G.U.N soldiers surrounding a boy. She decided to stand up for him and one of the soldiers started yelling. Despite being scared, the boy used this as a distraction to take the guards out. After staring at him in awe, she replies to the boy's greeting. This boy's name was Metal and Astrid soon found out that he was homeless because of what he was; a hybrid. She then decided that she'd take him in for a while and give him a warm place to live in. Soon after, Metal thanked her and moved on with his life.

Shortly before her 15th birthday, Astrid's uncle died, leaving her penniless and homeless. Knowing of her precision with a bow, a member of a group known simply as "The Clan" came to her and asked her to join. She didn't know what The Clan was about but she was homeless and this hooded person had offered her a place to live. She agreed.

During her time with The Clan, she honed her skill with the bow, learned basic hand-to-hand and close quarters combat and also learned how to kill a target quickly, quietly and discreetly. There was one thing she didn't know about The Clan though; who were these targets. She always thought that she was being trained for the army. When she found out the truth about them, she was furious.

Astrid went on a silent rampage, using the skills she learned to kill everyone in The Clan. She was alone again. Shortly after, she decided that she would use her new found skills to help with the many problems in the world, both big and small.

The Race Against TimeEdit

(This is during the events of The Race Against Time.)

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Astrid is a 17 year old anthropomorphic fox and is around average hight for a mobian at 4'4". She has redish-brown fur and green eyes. She tends to wear assassin themed clothing sporting a hood that covers most of her head, a scarf that covers her nose and mouth and thin clothing covering the rest of her body. She also sometimes likes to wear a cape, so that she doesn't look awkward with just a hood on it's own.


Astrid is a very serious person and she always wants thing done to the best of her ability. She will try her best, not only to show off her skill, but also to get the job done. Her mood can change very drastically, very quickly. She could be nice and caring to a person one minute, then become completely hostile towards them straight after. This all depends on the other persons actions however.

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Astrid is very skilled with the bow, having almost pinpoint accuracy with it. She also knows basic hand-to-hand combat which can come in very useful when she's been spotted. As well as these, she can kill silently and manage to sneak into guarded areas with ease. When it comes to heavily guarded areas, she tends to take a lot more care with what she does. She usually chooses what targets need to be taken down by seeing where they are in relation to what her main target is. If they're far from her main target, she'll usually leave them. If they are close to the main target, then she will usually take them down quickly and discreetly.



  • Ember the Leopard - The two have been friends for a long time, but the two can get at little heated with each other. Especially as Astrid is constantly leaving.
  • Metal The Rogue - Again, the two have known each other for a long time. They met when Metal was being confronted by three G.U.N soldiers and now they look after each other, wherever they might be. Astrid may have a crush on him, though she has only admitted this once.
  • James Hedgefox - Astrid and James are good friends but there have been times, mostly before they became friends, where the two have tried to kill each other


  • Agent Grail - Grail and Astrid did not get off to a good start. After Astrid had performed an assassination on someone, Grail thought that he'd take her into custody, but she didn't like that and attacked and almost killed him. She spared his life mainly because she wasn't a 'bad guy'. The two don't hate each other, but they don't like each other either.
  • Whirlwind the Hedgehog - These two first met below Angel Island. Whirlwind had noticed that someone was hiding and began attacking them. This person was Astrid. Whirlwind then teleported to Astrid, pushed her over and held her at gunpoint. Luckily though, James came along at confiscated his weapon. Whirlwind and Astrid work together, but they don't see eye to eye.
  • Dr. Eggman - The two never got along but didn't really care to much to try and kill each other either. Eggman tried to find Astrid but never could, so he gave up and Astrid didn't bother to try to stop Eggman because another person always did it before her. She also calls him a 'minor threat'.


  • Voltric The Seeker - After finding out that he had been looking for the Warrior Stones and already knew the location of three of them, Astrid set out to stop him from starting anything that the stones may cause.


"Let's just say that the people in my order don't exist anymore." - Hinting that she had killed everyone in The Clan

"Interesting." - Usually said when observing something or someone.

"Impressive." - Her most said word.

"You were born with your abilities, I had to train myself." - Comparing herself with a person with kinetic abilities.

"Don't ever point that gun at me." - To Whirlwind in their first encounter.

"Excuse me, I have a few questions to ask you." - To the tiger as she was clinging to it's back in Confrontation.

"I have succeeded in nothing. You manipulated me. You taught me all of these skills just so that I could kill innocent men and women!" - To The Prophet after slaughtering the rest of The Clan in Birth of the Assassin.



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  • Astrid is based heavily off of both the Dark Brotherhood Assassins from Skyrim and the Assassins Order from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.
  • Her name is taken directly from Skyrim.
  • Her attitude towards people is taken directly from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.
  • Her clothing is a mix between the Dark Brotherhood outfit and the Italian Assassins Outfit.