Anubis is a 34 year old demon who was born with the name Kurai Sato


Before PossessionEdit

After PossessionEdit

After being possessed, Anubis had snake-like eyes and a snake-like tongue. The whites of his eyes were now red, and his irises were completely black. He had two red horns sticking out of his head, and they would curl upward in an unnatural fashion, with many loops in the horns. He also has a a few scales in different places on his body. His muzzle is a light black color, and his nose is a normal triangle shape. His fur is now a dark grey. He has a long jackal tail.



Before PossessionEdit

After PossessionEdit


Anubis had a fairly laid-back childhood, although he was somewhat of a troublemaker. In his teenage years, he seemed to be rather quiet, but he did well in school and he eventually got a girlfriend. Once he graduated from high school, he went off to college and got himself a new job.

Anubis lived a good life before everything went downhill. He had a girlfriend, a nice car, and a good job. Everything was pretty normal for him- until the day a demon slayed his family, girlfriend, and burned down the building he worked in and destroyed his car.

When the demon destroyed everything he loved, this caused Anubis to fall into a deep depression. He eventually went broke, and he tried letting himself die by laying in the middle of a street. However, the demon who caused his depression approached him and told him that he had been possessed by a demon, and being a demon was living a good life. Anubis objected, and the demon laughed and made him an offer to have him possessed- and then he would see that being a demon was a good life.

Anubis got up from the empty road, then decided to think about the demon's offer. Anubis soon realized he had nothing to lose with this, so he tracked down the demon and accepted his offer. Delighted, the demon led him to an old shack. The demon then told him that he would have to knock him out first, because then his body could not reject the demon spirit. Anubis agreed, and was knocked out.

Several days later, Anubis woke up in a different place. He looked in a mirror, and found that his appearance had almost changed completely. He felt different-and powerful. Anubis then went all around town causing havoc and murdering other people. Anubis then went into hiding after this horrible murderous streak, and then he started planning a plot. He soon gave himself the name Anubis, after the Egyptian mortuary god.