My name is Angel. It is nice to meet you.
— Angel the Arctic Fox

Caroline "Angel" Richter (キャロライン"エンジェル"リヒター) is a Mobian arctic fox who is a protege to Rei, becoming a future Reaper herself.

Angel, basically, is a replacement character for another one I failed to use: Aislinn the Arctic Wolf. She shows how she's a replacement by showing some hatred, but likeness towards Zion and she's sometimes very quiet.


~:Physical Appearance:~Edit

Angel is 2'9" and weighs 60 lbs (27 kg). Her fur is a bluish-white hue, with cobalt blue eyes. Her muzzle has 3 tufts on each side, and has long hair (usually wears a bow and a headband.)


Angel usually wears a tan brown t-shirt, skinny jeans, and winter boots. She has braided-up hair, a holy water necklace, and a silver bracelet. He usually puts on a minimal amount of make up because she look good enough naturally. She also has a strap and holster for her scythe.


  •  Angel is a shy, but intelligent young woman. She may hate a certain few people, but she doesn't really mean much harm. Under that cold exterior is a caring friend/ally.
  • She is also very, VERY petite. She always have high-class standards and proper etiquette everywhere she goes. She usually thinks her 'friends' are barbarians.
  • She defends her friends when she needs to defend them. She otherwise stays out of the way or is the one being defended.
  • She's doesn't talk about killing much...



Coming soon...


Soul Manipulation -  Angel was taught how to manipulate souls, even her own.


  • Spiritual Flames - She taught herself how to use the souls of the evil undead and manipulate them into flames.
  • Soul Shield - Angel uses evil souls to shield herself.
  • Soul Puppetry - She controls her enemies' body by using her soul, but she has to be 10 feet near the target to actually do anything.

Special AbilitiesEdit



Intelligence - 10 -

Strength - 4 -

Agility - 8 -

Powers/Magic/Kinetics - 10 -

Skills - -

Speed - 2 -

Combat Capabilities - 5 -

Stamina - 9 -

Overall = 64%

Items in PossessionEdit


  • Reaper's Scythe - A traditional Soul Reaper's scythe for collecting souls.
  • Silver Dagger - A dagger as a back up.

Other ItemsEdit

  • Holy Water - A holy liquid used against demons.
  • Necromancy Book - A book about different types of necromancy.


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Romantic RelationshipsEdit


  • She lets her guard down very easily.
  • She is not physically string and relies on her weapons and brains more than her strength and speed.
  • She is not at her fully potential yet.
  • If she doesn't have her scythe or dagger, she's very weak.